Monday, May 25, 2009

Feinstein – Lets Discuss Treason


Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein

My writings and complaints to you and your associates in Congress fall on deaf ears and cold hearts.

Lets Discuss Treason and Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

In my last memo I mentioned a Captain Marvel of the Delaware State Police who may have traveled to your mayor's office from Berkeley. This would be in 1986 spring. This was the staging of the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

In review there was also heard a discussion that you would be the Queen's Gambit in this operation. There was a discussion regarding individuals who record video messages accusing persons of their homicides before they occur.

Ernesto Rosenberg of Guatemala has recently down this and I have posted his video on my blog:

As soon as I can find the software I will record youtube videos giving authorized statements regarding this traitorous event against the human race and the United States. This is is where your role as the Queen's Gambit occurs. You should take this very seriously as this is what LAPD, who is attacking with chemicals has referred to you as.

Under prisoner's dilemma cooperation would be adhering to the United States Constitution. Defection would mean following the orders of LAPD who are de facto.

I am claiming that Cambridge University of the United Kingdom is the authorship. As seen I allege that LAPD is implementing the chemical assault.

I am in the same position that Ernesto Rosenberg was in. I do not see myself living 10 more years.

I am running a fever from the chemicals that are on my clothes, food, and in the air here in Big Pine, California. I had to jump into the Owens River Canal to cool down. It is completely contaminated and is used to supply drinking water for the City of Los Angeles. This becomes even more complicated with H1N1. I probably have the flu but fever has occurred before.

LAPD is LGBti and I am a cradle to grave heterosexual. LAPD has an irrational defense mechanism that is delusional. They operate on the premise that if they damaged the legal standing of Ronald Reagan than they will be heroes in LGBTi locations as San Francisco. I agree that this IS ACCURATE in part only.


I will simply state that I view your performance as a sworn official in California as illegal and punishable by law. You have substantial contributions to the Gay Community that you undertook with peril to your own career.

What has a Gay Militancy run out of Homeland Security done for you? You should ask this of Janet Napolitano and William Bratton.

They have destroyed your legacy and family history as they have destroyed my life and who knows how many more.

I, like any other competent general simply wish to open a file through the defection model.

I consider that the 100th Congress in continuo is no more than a Pontius Pilate Club, a group of corrupt politicians who have thrown human life, their constituents under their bus for a profit.

I believe that the history of the world, country, and nation have been altered.

I am the leader of a the idea and practice of civilly opposing Gay Irrationality – Gay Know Nothing.

Gay Fascism emerges when persons as Sheila Kuehl, State Senator from Santa Monica attempt to pass legislation sanitizing Gay History. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is about 20 miles south of here.

LAPD's Gay Militia is racist against Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and Asians.

The officers that directly corrupted your life have code names. This may also include a complex of more than one officer.

Periander – Is most likely dead. He operated in the staging until the earl 1980s.



Sri Krishna – Declare it boldly my devotee never perishes...

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA



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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Open Letter to VP Joe Biden


Joe Biden


Computing In the Field – Big Pine CA

Dear Vice President Biden,

Since you are now a steward and guardian of American History, it is prudent for the citizen under your care to confront the concrete conditions under which he is forced to exist.

A Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth has proliferated since June 17, 1987 from Dover, Delaware where you were once a senior senator.

My citizenship has been alienated under a Gay Militancy run out of LAPD.

In degree I have lived my entire life as heterosexual. Since I have a Japanese – American Heritage, I was selected to have my citizenship abrogated. I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna. This means that I still accept that His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta instructions (vani) still have the power to emancipate one although his physical body (vapu) is no longer. This is also a religious hate crime. There are disturbing allegations that he was poisoned.

The Vedic practice stresses exclusive heterosexuality. I have taken shelter more deeply under my faith and have simultaneously supported Proposition 8 here in California to ban same sex marriage. Here in Big Pine, LAPD is attempting to aggrandize that I am supporting lesbianism. This is untrue. One will find that gay – bisexual men will attack a heterosexual man by proposing a selection of all lesbian females. If one objects than this male is gay.

In degree I have been told that if I do not have a Gay Identity or practice same sex I will have no rights.

I am a committed heterosexual under the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is (pre 1977 edition).

Barack Obama and yourself are destroying American national security by permitting Chemical Assault. Iran will most certainly feel threatened as they depend on two main rivers for their water supply. All the surface water in the Owens Valley is chemically contaminated.

It is logical for them to pursue nuclear weapons against a country who assaults it's own citizens and censors the entire world to it's disgrace.

I write this letter to spur you and anyone who reads such to create a culture of leadership and attempt to rise against this oppressive system of torture. What has America produced in since the 200th Anniversary of the United States? This country has attacked my natural person despoiling a significant amount of territory. What has Gay History produced? This would be identical.

I have alleged that Cambridge Law School has designed this event. I am told that some of the lawyers that helped authorize the dropping of the Hiroshima Bomb on Japan also worked on this.

This may be fanciful or not. Regardless the British people should take this seriously because as a an American ally that are not impressive in condoning this event.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Asus 1000he Netbook


Asus 1000 HE


Big Pine CA


Bishop CA


Big Pine


David Nollmeyer

Where is the software?

After much trial and tribulation I am writing and online with an Asus 1000he netbook. The size is nice but the speed so far is less than my HP Dv1600 Cto with only 60 gigabytes of drive and a 1.60 mghz Centrino Mobile processor. The Atom has a similar speed.

You will pull your hair if you attempt to use a verizon smartphone as modem. It is likely that one should use the bluetooth settings on the device. One should disable the wlan and all other programs as active sync until the process is mastered.

The features as wireless N, 1.3 mgp camera, microphone, and bluetooth are good. One more gig of ram to two is needed.

I believe that the design is nice but speed may be missing for some.

It is now May 16 and after one week I basically have all my software up and running. I am using an external Mad Dog Multimedia Dual Layer Drive with Roxio Creator 9E. Not bad for $40 USD on ebay.

The camera is a Vista Quest 7 mp that I obtained for free cashback from a credit offering.

Totally configuration is $425 USD.

I look like a Mad Man from the Gaudiya Repercussions Forum.

We will hit the Chemical Assault with what we have.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Rodrigo Rosenberg – Tomorrow's News…

Good Afternoon
My Name is Rodrigo Rosenberg Manzano and If you are reading this message it is because I have been murdered by Gustavo Alejos, the President´s Private Secretariat and his partner Gregorio Valdez, with the approval of Alvaro Colom (The President) and Sandra de Colom (The First Lady).

The reason why Gustavo Alejos and Gregorio Valdez have ordered my death and the President of the Republic, Alvaro Colom approved it, is because until the day they killed me, I was the lawyer of two incredible Guatemalans, Mr. Khalil Musa and his daughter Marjorie Musa, and I knew exactly how Alvaro Colom, Sandra de Colom, Gustavo Alejos and Gregorio Valdez were responsible for that cowardly murder, and I told them so and told those who wanted and could hear.

I was a 47 year old Guatemalan, with 4 divine children, with the best brother one could ask life for, with incredible friends, who wanted very much to live in my country, but I could not have lived with myself without rebelling, being brave and denouncing to all Guatemalans that have principles and values about the real reasons for the death of Mr. Kahlil Musa and his daughter Marjorie Musa, with no regards to the consequences and in the understanding that my life was in danger I wanted to leave this testament in case something happened to me and it unfortunately did.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Biological Warfare – Implications for the UK?

The future implications for the United Kingdom have to be taken into consideration. If the allegation is true that a circle of LGBTi Cambridge Law School professors are the origin and authorship of a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, the viability of the human race, other natural species, and the environment is severely damaged to the injury of the United Kingdom and the United States.

At the present instance the H1N1 virus appears to only manifest mild symptoms equitable to seasonal flu. Here one should note without being sensational that Robert Mugabe has laid claims that the British were spreading cholera in Zimbabwe.

The United Kingdom is not adequately situated within the parameters of a Hinterland Theory. He controls the hinterland controls the world.

The island territories that comprise the United Kingdom are not readily defensible. Here Germany would be the strongest ally if attacks occur from the east.

It does not seem reasonable that the United States would abandon the British. Of further concern is retaliation to the LGBTi culture.

Currently all populations are informant-antisocial. Here the surveillance of LAPD defines individuals with illicit dealings for benefit with the police. The United States has 2.4 million persons under incarceration, over 1.1 million HIV cases, and at least 3 million Hepatitis C cases.

There is considerable concern that biological warfare through behavior transactions is under recognized.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Open Letter To Rep. Mckeon


I have returned from the Imperial Valley in the past week and I am totally appalled at the mismanagement of homeland security and human rights in this district.

Not only is their a widespread Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth there is now a H1N1 pandemic circulating the globe.

LAPD is continuing to attempt to front me as a LGBTi supporter. I am very strongly spiritually conservative on the issue of Gay Marriage. I commend Carrie Prejean for her stand on which I also share her views on support for opposite sex marriage.

The Owens Valley will be a historical and legal proving grounds for Chemical Assault. Why are targeted Chemical Assaults against an individual or a location as the Owens Valley not recognized. If the emergent Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing continues victims will be forced here.

I know this country very well from the interstate system and there is no place to go.

I am starting Facebook pages to deal with:

Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Human Rights

I am also going to press all competent officials with why persons continue to have deal under Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Big Pine Ca

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Homeland Security Errors

Barack Obama and Homeland Security are making critical errors regarding the safety of the citizen and natural person. I have just returned from Imperial Valley which has had confirmed H1N1 virus infections. Delaware has had four to date.

The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is the first priority of the United States. Barack Obama, Joe Biden or Janet Napolitano fail comprehend the latent implications of their errors.

Inyo County is the second largest county in the United States and I feel more secure taking repose here than traveling to Northern California and having to deal with wild animals as well as manmade disasters.

The LGBTi front continues. As seen I am a supporter of Carrie Prejean who is for opposite sex marriage.

LAPD is attempting to perpetuate a myth stating that if I had lived in San Diego that I would emerge and return to Delaware as LGBTi person. I am very strong supporter of heterosexual values as is Miss California. I also support my view from within a spiritual tradition of which I promote in a small degree on internet.

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth position will dominate legal history.