Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jack Anderson
The death of journalist Jack Anderson December 17, 2005 marks an end to serious ground breaking journalism in the United States. Heralded as journalist who struck fear into corrupt politicians hearts his last years reflect a total deference to big politicians and the access to the powerful.

The Washington Post, a paper that at one time promoted his writings is coming under scrutiny for its ethics itself.

Anderson’s syndicated column was for many a source of inspiration for his hard-hitting non-deferential style.

Personally I am more concerned with the period after June 17,1987. The date may look familiar to some for others not. Jack Anderson’s production appears to be marginalized by forces of censorship (LAPD) that have reigned in respectable and honorable writing to play the game, to stay close to big power, and the money that the access to such provides.

Hopefully someone will break out of the ritualistic mode and report on the CORRUPTION that has wracked the United States through the last four presidencies.

Rest in PEACE Jack.

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