Saturday, March 11, 2006

Journalistic Insenitivity

Journalistic Insensitivity

In response to the recent violence stemming from the caricatures of ISLAM and THE PROPHET deemed offensive. I believe that the error is shared on both sides.

In the first instance the publishers who requested that caricatures be drawn that would distort and disrespect with intent known standards of Islam was very short sighted and lacks journalistic ethics. Attempting to profit by what would be perceived as demonization of Islamic spirituality should have been avoided.

I do not condone the violence that certain members of the Muslim committed in defending their beliefs. I believe that GOOD MUSLIMS would of have chose a more moderated and mature reconciliation to intolerance.

The polarization of modern journalism and traditional believes across boundaries is proceeding at a rapid pace. These instances of intolerance should be deliberated more thoroughly than responding at an emotional level in the short term.

I do not pretend to have a solution. The long term consequences that the world will have to bear outweighs any short term-victory from these incidents.

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