Thursday, September 29, 2005

Memo To USAG Gonzales

Dear Attorney General Gonzales

I David Nollmeyer am requesting that you fulfill your oath of office and start criminal prosecutions in the scorched earth code named AKBAR.

I am watching wildfires ravage Los Angeles at this second in Bishop, California. One can barely breathe as it stands.

I have been persecuted for over 19 years by agents of LAPD. The past four presidents:

Ronald Reagan
George Bush Sr.
William Clinton
George Bush III

have all been cognizant of the destruction of the state and nation.

The Color of Law prescribes that you act. You have the ABSOLUTE POWER TO PRESS OR DISMISS CHARGES AND TO REQUEST GRAND JURIES.

I have sworn under oath in no less than 26 Federal Actions. I do not advocate violence. I have been a member of Amnesty International and find time to write on behalf others conditions that necessitate a remedy of law.

Thank you for your consideration.

Originaly Signed

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reagan Revisted

The following is an excerpt from my book and court document Myth of the Contemporary Man. There is an elaborate conspiratol model that attacks the sovereign-citizen paradigm of The Social Contract. The law enforcement Pontius Pilates criminal acts within the cognition of public officials only to blackmail such at a later date.

The following occurred right about June 17, 1987 while I returned to Delaware.

This event occurred over pirated communications of mainstream television. A then starry eyed President Reagan was forced to listen to the beginning of an Orwellian State under his command. The event then escalates into scorched earth. This is codenamed Akbar. I have over 26 United States federal court suits including a writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. I have testified well before 9-11 that these defection based impunities were being escalated.

In recapitulation, at the beginning of Lycurgus, I witnessed the administration of MOEC to the cognition of President Reagan, Vice-President Bush, and then Senator Dole. The event spread to Prime Minister Thatcher of the United Kingdom and Gorbachev of the USSR. Other notables to be exposed first include Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua as well as Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, and Augostino Pinochet to name a few of the extant movers of the political world. This event occurred over television over regular programming live. These officials may be heard reciprocating with voices in the background as to the nature of my plight. This concept of synchronicity was implemented as convergent totalitarianism in Maze learning.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal: Nazi Hunter

One of the world's greatest and most determined persons to fight irrationalism in the form of Nazism and Fascism has died this morning. It is with regret that forces of fascism have marginalized his efforts.

The interdiction of persons involved in the Holocaust can never be underestimated. The Lesser of Two Evils is Evil cannot either. Wiesenthal should have exposed this scorched earth event code-named AKBAR. I have testified in United States Federal Court prior to 2000 several times to this effect.

When I lived in Santa Monica in 1990-1991 I had to travel past the Wiesenthal Center.

I was told and I humbly believe such that Arnold Schwarzeneger and myself were the two biggest students to attend Santa Monica City College. I took four courses for a GPA of 3.2. I have continued to complete 63 credits under hellish circumstances. I have achieved a 3.8 in this run to bring my GPA up to 3.18.

The mechanism called MOEC, code named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is an irrationalist attempt to destroy at the last four United States presidents. It is an emergent form of fascism. What is unique is that such is Gay Fascism. The LAPD officers are GLBT.

It is also decidely ANTI-SEMENTIC.

When I attempted to contact the Wiesenthal Center about getting data on Anne Frank they were not helpful.

One has to wonder what political forces are managing the Human Rights Movement.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

John Paul II: Peregrino del Mundo

My first thoughts concerning John Paul II when this ordeal began was that I had a fighting mans chance of recognition. I was totally convinced that then President Ronald Reagan would immediately end this fiasco once he had clear facts as to the principals.

In degree I spent over eight months under house arrest when I should of went to college in Delaware from June 17, 1987 to March 1988. The air at this time was a lite sheen of muriatic acid. This is essentially Visine. It is also an ingredient to make Methamphetamine. The ruse was that if I completed 150 credits of college I would be shielded. I had I believe about ninety units for credit with a GPA of 2.43.

Around March of 1988 I hitchiked and took a bus to Mexico City DF. I stopped around Wilmington, North Carolina. I was on a dirt road when a shot rang out. Two persons emerged with about a .45 caliber pistol. That night down the road a policeman was gunned down on another dirt road.

I went to the Cuban Embassy and asked for asylum and was refused. Fidel Castro and the Pope are arch rivals.

When I was living in Southern Colorado the Pope held several youth festivals in Denver to my increduality. He nor the Christians ever mentioned me. Then again ISKCON or the Krishnas never did either. This event is code-named AKBAR. The muslims are on record as the nearest to treating me as a human. It is strange that the majority of my Direct Action work involves advocating persons in Islamic countries.

I had another opporortunity to see the Pope in Mexico but was robbed in Vera Cruz.

I would go on record to say that I am not a supporter of John Paul II's sainthood. The pedophilia scandal in the United States is question alone to any fast track status. It appears as if the Holy See is wishing to leap over any historical factuality while all these cases are settled.

The Pope last words are "Let me go to the house of the Father."

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Rehnquist: Myth of Jurisprudence

The passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist has brought considerable admiration and respect from diverse quarters. This may be true for an ivory elitist tower. A closer inspection of United States history reveals that Rehnquist's contributions to jurisprudence are based on appreception or selective attention.

Rehnquist's tenure spans from Septemeber 1986 to Septemeber 2005. History reveals that a manifest defacto scorched earth attack began on June 17, 1987 the 200th anniversery of the Constitution that he swore to uphold. Rehnquist also innaugarated President Bush in 2001 in scorched earth in Washington DC. I was physically present. A lady gave me a grandstand ticket which I did not use. I waited for the parade at the corner of the White House. Vice President Dan Quayle waved to me as he passed.

I submitted a writ of cerotiori which was denied Cv 98-7018 which was denied January 19, 1999. President Bill Clinton was impeached and the Micrososft Ant-trust suits began.

I wrote the petiton in Greenville, Plumas County CA. I have just passed through again and Rehnquist has died as Katrina has struck New Orleans. I also listened to the impeachment hearings here.

Let History Decide.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Parallelism: Two Crescent Cities

Earlier last Thursday I left Crescent City CA. This area is home to Redwood forests and is also known as the Emerald Coast. I hitched and hiked my way through the Smith River and Minema National Forests.

I was picked up by a gentleman outside of Newell in the hills. This town was site of the Japanese internment camps during WWII. He was travelling to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

We arrived in Alturas on Sunday, the day before Katrina hit New Orleans and the other Emerald Coast. I have lived in Chipley FL. I believe they have been hit by several hurricanes since 1996.

The contrast may seem crypto. One should research de-individuation to help comprehend crowd dynamics in the wake of the lack of control in the Crescent City.

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