Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Senator Byrd Dead

The death of icon Robert Byrd June 28, 2010 clearly leaves Vice President Joseph Biden as the longest serving public official with culpability in the in continuo Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth which is debilitating California while most of the nation focuses on the Gulf of Mexico Oilspill.

His death is most likely the upper boundary for this event. The most likely targets for a real prosecution are Barack and Michele Obama. First Lady Maria Shriver of California and Congressperson Mary Bono are emerging also due to lifespan considerations.

I personally do not see any direct contributions of Byrd. His legacy may rest in that he helped stonewall justice until the persons supra were prosecuted. This is only the a fortiori possibility.

Robert Byrd was born November 20, 1917.

Byrd has been a congressman from 1952 and a senator since 1958. The West Virginia senator filibustered the 1964v Civil Rights Act and supported the Vietnam War.

Earlier when he was 24 Byrd joined the Ku Klux Klan.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Facebook Chat

2010-06-24 08.51.05December 12, 2006 – 45 Years Old

Estrell -  Happy Fathers day!
June 19 at 4:05am

David Nollmeyer Estrell, Thank you for your kindness... I have never been a father!

God Bless You & Your Family!!!
June 21 at 11:59am

Estrell - sorry David, I thought you are a father hehehe
Wednesday at 11:55pm · Like ·

Estrell - where you from?
Wednesday at 11:55pm

David Nollmeyer -  I am from California. I grew up in Delaware was educated here.
Yesterday at 9:47am · Like

Estrell - why are you still single until now?
Wednesday at 11:57pm

David Nollmeyer - I am still single. I never met the right person. Circumstances are not good. I am going off the spiritual deep end for most people. I do not drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, and have been a vegetarian most of my life. If I tried to marry within my faith, the only people I meet are on internet and they are all over the world.
Yesterday at 6:08pm ·

Estrell -  Hi David hows life going on? Are you a born again Christian? I am just wondering my dear, well oh you are still single same with me here, I serve the LORD as a songleader for more than a decade. and keep praying to become a missionary if GOD permit me, and still praying too for a missionary or matured christian husband if GOD willing too that we serve the LORD all the days of our lives. So let us continue to serve GOD no matter what happen. GOD bless you exceedingly!
13 hours ago · Like ·

David Nollmeyer - Life is hard. It makes you stronger inwardly. I guess you have to fight the good fight, run the good race. No I am not a BAC. I am a ritivk Hare Krishna. I like doing the interfaith thing. It is hard from every angle. There are times when cooperation is the most important thing when you see the forces of totalitarianism both of faith and secular attacking people who are trying to worship.

I hope you find the strength to be successful in your preaching and starting a family. Stay in touch if you like.

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – David Bowie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Open Letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger


See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil…

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

The current Gulf of Mexico Oilspill draws a very serious contrast between the damage and relief available to Gulf residents and that of the State of California. You have been governor since November of 2003. The manifest Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth has been in continuo since 1987. As seen all of your four your children with Maria Shriver have been born in 1989 henceforward. Within this context none of your children have lived through an era in this country without a systematic Crime Against Humanity developed over my natural person and United States citizenship.

Air, surface water, property, and tangible goods in stores are despoiled. I can first hand state that the Owens River Canal in Inyo, Robbers Creek in Lassen (Lake Almanor) are chemically despoiled. Waterfront property here can be $500,000 per acre. Barack Obama is not recognizing the a primary event concerning Scorched Earth. The Gulf Oilspill is a secondary event which is debilitating Obama’s and your ability to sustain the culture of impunity upon which both of you have emerged and governed. This is violation of your oaths of office.

The locals here are slowly awakening to the fact that their property is despoiled. Most of the damage was inflicted during your term. I became a resident of California on June 17, 1997 after being a resident on other occasions.

The criminal negligence of not calling a State of Emergency for a chemical spill, powers that the you as the governor have lead to the duplicity and the will criminalization of the people of the state. They are now informants living on despoiled property. They are witnessing the Gulf Oilspill through the media.

Since I am single and am becoming more serious about my Vedic Ritvik Hare Krishna faith, I am not as easily hostaged, blackmailed, or extorted and in a simple manner will state what you nor Obama, any other sworn official will state.

The strongest allegation is that LAPD contains cells of LGBTi militants who are creating a Joe Virus, an Irrationalist - Know Nothing culture. Barack Obama cannot intellectualize his way out of the Gulf Oilspill, he can blame Exxon or Mickey Mouse, he cannot avoid the concrete reality that the federal government grants leases to big oil to drill. He is the chief executive as Tony Hayward is of British Petroleum BP.

In this context the University of California is issuing bogus degrees in history and other subjects which is contributing to the diseconomy of scale which is crowding and destroying this state.

Herein is also where the children are also getting shortchanged. They are learning in cult setting supporting censored and sanitized views of history and our leaders. Germany and the USSR also have went through similar darker ages.

You have not taken any official act to terminate the attack against the people of California. This state is a focal model in the future study of purging informants in a territoriality. The Crushing of the Kulaks As A Class - Revisited.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood California
June 17, 1987

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Presidential Studies Quarterly


Dear Presidential Studies Quarterly,

My name is David Nollmeyer. Currently I have lived nearly 23 years as June 17, 1987 under a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. This event began in Dover, DE and is in continuo here in Westwood CA.

All the surface water is chemically contaminated. Lake Almanor is the major lake in this region.

In short, I do not believe that the current Gulf Oilspill is an accident. This event began when I was in Blythe CA. The Colorado River was ruined and flows into Mexico.

In degree all the presidents from Reagan to Obama are Irrationalist. If one is writing on these persons without including the attack on my person and the United States, this is censorship and sanitization.

What is also unique is that the event is lead by LGBTi militants. I am a strict heterosexual and a ritvik Hare Krishna. They are using a Joe Virus styled attack which is Know Nothing. This will debilitate any rational academic endeavor.

I can only work in one page memo. I have spent over $30,000 in federal lawsuits. I regular write all my federal officials.

I have also provided all the presidential libraries with zipfiles of my work.

I cannot provide direct proof but it a very strong allegation that Cambridge authored the attack and LAPD is carrying it out.

You should recognize concrete reality in your work.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

McClintock – Obama = Hypocrisy


2010-06-01 10.01.18Despoiled Area – Westwood CA

Dear Rep. McClintock

Currently President Obama is being heavily engaged in the Gulf of  Mexico Oilspill. He has publicly states that BP’s Hayward is a “recurring environmental criminal”. Obama is setting the standard, surpassing George W. Bush here in your district. Lake Almanor is severely despoiled from Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. The overt contamination of surface water began under Bush when I was along the Colorado River in February 2007.

The Florida Panhandle also has a negative history. I have lived in Chipley, Florida around 1996-96. I am the most heavily stalked person in this country’s history. The blackmailing and extortion of the president beginning with Ronald Reagan through Barack Obama continues.

I do not believe that the Gulf Spill is an accident. It is a subsystem of the attack ongoing here in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Obama nor Congress has even begun to consider criminal and civil liabilities against the natural persons here and the environment.

Feinstein and Boxer recently stated in a press release that Californians like their state wild. I find this to be true. Once these wild areas are gone they will most likely never be restored.

The people here are more important. They need their rights protected.

In the case of Future’s Futures I believe that they will be left holding the bag as Indians are in the Bhopal disaster. I am one day older than Obama. My health will not last forever nor that of persons in this district.

Leadership in restoring the rule of law should begin here. It is catastrophic error for Bush and Obama here.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer
Westwood CA.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Obama, BP, & Duplicity


obama - BP poster

Within the last few days it appears that President Barack Obama & Friends have gathered to attack BP for it’s lack of preparedness in what is a significant disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. BP CEO Dug Suttles is a target for criticism. BP’s top cap system has capture 6000 barrels of oil in 24 hours. Oil is forecast for today as far east as Destin, Florida which is a resort.

While the risks in deepwater oil drilling are apparent as well as the costs, Barack Obama and his presidential predecessors are setting the STANDARD for incompetence.

I am analyzing the Gulf of Mexico Spill from Homeland Security. It is an act of war. I have been persistent in discussing the attack on myself as Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth and a Gang – Mob Stalking.

Barack Obama has very large multimedia backing. The CONCRETE RECORD for his human rights and environmental preservation are dismal.

Censorship and sanitization is still sustaining  Obama but Reality is slowly breaking his facade down.

The Eastern High Sierras near Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou Counties in California are wrecked. Barack Obama has nickel and dimed the United States for his entire 500 plus days. Barack is now furious and with the folks in the Gulf region. He nor the media have moral courage to admit the Systematic Human Rights abuse and environmental abuse ongoing since June 17, 1987.

It is still an open question whether he or George W. Bush will be the benchmark for the worst record in these two areas. The terms negative externality and spillover effect are taking on new dimensions every second as Barack Obama continues a ritualistic ad miseriacordium approach to leadership and accountability.

Obama is living a fictitious life. The whole hoax is no more than a one eyed Cyclops waiting to be brought down.

Whatever claims maybe laid against BP should also be applied to Obama.