Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gaming the System

r.jones Roxanne Jones

Dear Roxanne Jones, Scott Miller, GLAAD,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am responding to you in regards to part I of your Strategic Mission: Awareness:

The goal of the awareness sector is to have GLAAD better communicate who we are and what we do as an organization using new media vehicles and enhanced communication
tools. Our ability to communicate our mission will result in greater recognition as the media resource for the LGBT movement and as an influential cultural change agent.

It is a manifest empirical event that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program running in the United States and worldwide. This event has not been recognized by GLAAD, an organization that proclaims itself to be defenders against defamation against LGBTi persons.

I have been straight or opposite sex my entire life. I have been attacked by a cell(s) of a Gay Militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department. My external environment and my United States Constitutional Rights have been alienated by what is an Irrationalist pre - Fascists operation. I am easily the most stalked person in world history. The quantum of force being directed at me is unparallel. I have not had water to drink for over four years. The police and others have poisoned the air in my vicinity since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

The Strategic Mission of this linear Chemical Assault is Gay Marriage. It is incredulous to believe that LGBTi interests are achievable by attacking the human race by alienating my natural person and citizenship. Here the externality and latent function despoils the natural persons, their posterity and wealth.

History has proven that the majority of humans straight or LGBTi will defect as informants and support the attack on my person which will kill them by existing within the negative externality of which a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program will incur.

Directors Jones & Miller, there are over 600,000 estimated HIV/AIDS persons living in the United States with the HART cocktail costing $30,000 per annum. This is $18,000,000,000. Things are not Getting Better as Barack Obama proclaims to the LGBTi community.

We and explicitly my humble person are trapped in live human experimentation that reflects state planning and Technological Singularity. The population is being groomed and shaped to accept a more intrusive totalitarian system Recently Watson an IBM supercomputer easily defeated two humans. This computer would have lost easily if presidential and LGBTi history were inclusive. This is not the history that GLAAD, LAMBDA, Courage Campaign, and Marriage Equality proclaim.

GLAAD use the word Defamation in their name. I am as stated but am being consistently baited as LGBTi.

I am ritvik Hare Krishna in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. I do not use illegal drugs, eat meat, have illicit sex, or gamble.

The police agents of the Gay Militia have no conscience. The linear observable Chemical Assault is paired with a Red Herring. Currently today February 20, 2011 the entire Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth.

The main boundary of the romantic red herring which is attached as a distraction to the linear Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is a circular folly. It is a loop of a few statements. It is analogous to a very simple but destructive computer virus. It’s content is based on an inferiority complex in MSM males. Here these traits are well known and very strong examples from several psychological and social theories have been discussed without any reconciliation. The police informants of the Gay Militia in continuo will escalate the Joe Virus attack fallaciously believing it to develop a positive LGBTi culture.

The implication here is that the culture of law enforcement is not conducive to development of Technological Singularity. Futurist Ray Kurzweil, expert predicts that technology will equal humans in 2045. Afterwards systems and computers will surpass humans.

Here the ex deus maquina is unfolding very rapidly against an optimization of software mirroring humans. The contrarian despoiler mentality of natural persons and the environment is quite profound with no recognition from President Barack Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or scientist who work on The Singularity itself.

Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind RICO styled extortion circular folly and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is portrayed as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

There is a definitive ranking and role call style of placement that that is used tp predict and rate who is more Gay or Straight. This also results in an outing within the circular folly. Hence such will begin from a supervisor then radiate outwards over a field over persons who are being recruited, entrapped, and stalked. The results indicate that being engaged in Male Same Sex is less acceptable. This outing is also a catalyst for violence.

At the scheduled end of the operation the activity returns to the supervisor.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

It is alleged that Cambridge Law School are the authors. I am an open sourced activists. I am actively challenging sworn officials, professionals, LGBTi advocacy groups, and academics.

I am beginning to promote the HIV/AIDS positive population. My food, clothing, and air are HEAVILY CONTAMINATED. These persons are being marginalized.

President Barack Obama is Gaming the System. He, his family, and interests both Democrat and Republic have benefited at the expense of the citizens and human race they proclaim to defend.

Directors Jones & Miller, I will act to defend my natural person and reputation from spurious acts of torture and defamation. The defection model in place is not designed to protect LAPD indefinitely.

If my personal life is not your interest, the 600,000 HIV/AIDS positive person’s lives appears to be integral to GLAAD’s survival and directly to theirs.

Please consider reality and confront Obama on Gaming the System.

David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Myth of HIV/AIDS Positive


Dear Kevin Cathcart,

In Totalitaria, facts are replaced by fantasy and distortion. People are taught systematically and intentionally to lie (Winokur). History is reconstructed, new myths are built…

Rape of the Mind
AM Merloo MD

As the LGBTi platform emerges past June17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution, the entire world has fallen into a haze of mythology relative to the objectivity of LGBTi History and the president.

Fact: There is an ongoing Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth in the United States and other locations worldwide that is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. The Salton Sea in California is despoiled artificially.

Fact: I am being attacked because I am opposite sex (heterosexual) not LGBTi or same sex in behavior and identity.

Fact: The attackers in this country are a Gay Militia (their label) operating out of LAPD.

Fact: There are an estimated 600,000 people living with HIV/AIDS if actual counts and estimates are combined.

Fact: LAMBDA is one of the leading LGBTi advocacy and HIV/AIDS groups with a leadership of sworn lawyers.

Fact: President Barack Obama is criminally negligent and hypocritical as Jasmine Revolutions unfold in Egypt and elsewhere. LGBTi activist David Kato was killed just after Obama’s State of the Union Speech on January 26, 2011.

After pointing out these details, one can conclude that the Chemical Assault is real and the censorship and sanitization radiates from LAPD implicating sworn officials. This includes the leadership of the LGBTi platform of which you are prominent.

In this regards, with what remains of my physical acuity, I am beginning to advocate the HIV/AIDS population hopefully to awake some opposition from this somnambulist herd of quid pro quo payoffs which only lowers one moral and legal status. What is needed is a shock to rebuild the conscience of the culture.

With a cost of $30,000 per person for the HART cocktail at 600,000 individuals a net $18,000,000,000 per year is needed to fully treat these persons at current medical protocols.

No one has to have a PhD in math to realize that things are not Getting Better… as Barack Obama’s magic show wishes us to believe. Although Proposition 8 has been overturned and is being appealed, LGBTi persons are being trained for military service, human life and life itself is dependent on inputs from the external physical and cultural environment.

As a human rights lawyer you should be APPALLED by my treatment. I will have not had clean water to drink since February 12, 2007 almost four years ago.

600,000 persons living HIV/AIDS is more than a moral problem it is an economic and homeland security issue. The Democrats have been beaten soundly and the unemployment rate projected for the 2012 election by the CBO is 8.2%. This translates to an Obama - Democrat defeat.

Political interests aside, I am spiritual devotee of the Hare Krishna Movement. I do this out of seva, this means service to Radha Krishna. There is HIV/AIDS support group by this name Seva, perhaps you are familiar with them. (GLADD and Seva also need to be addressed.

Barack Obama is 49.5 years old today. Yesterday I was 49.5 years old.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School has orchestrated the defection and legal work for this event. These 600,000 HIV/AIDS positive persons represent an unquantifiable amount of injury.

I ask that you recognize this Chemical Assault and confront Obama to fulfill his legal obligations to all the parties concerned.

Thank you for your consideration.
Radhe Radhe!!!

David Nollmeyer
Along the Salton Sea CA