Friday, November 25, 2011

Historical and Legal Fraud


Colorado River From Ehrenberg AZP1010014

Dunsmuir CA

The ending of the year has also brought with it the beginning of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. I perceive such as farce. Human rights and the environment are heavily despoiled. The economy is poor with such down 4.8% just for Thanksgiving’s Week. Black Friday spending is robust but it too soon to state if shopper’s spent any money.

Overall neither Obama nor the Republican pretenders to the presidency will address the real issued of Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth even though this is the most important issue.

The future has been taxed and mortgaged at a loss to the insurer of last resort again the government.

The population is antisocial and will have to accept the concrete history of condoning and participating in treason.

Technological expertise will enter into the courtroom in force with criminal prosecution and toxic torts. I am sure there will be direct liability claims that will bankrupt may concerns.

This will also impact sham academia.

The blackmail and extortion that is used to perpetuate impunity through prisoner’s dilemma has ensnared many prominent sworn persons.

Journalism has been the handmaiden of totalitarianism.

The United States should have known better to lay it’s treasures across the earth.

The meek have lost the earth to the plundering ideology of Irrationalism and Hatred.