Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Send Nazis to Spain


Ivan (John) DemjanjukLeprich

Johann Leprich

On June 19, 2008 a criminal complaint was presented at the national court  on behalf of several survivors and family of Spanish victims of the Nazi regime.

This is the first time in 60 years that citizens have reached the podiums of Spanish justice  In fact, the Spanish State  never acknowledged the collaboration with the National Socialist system of the III Reich, or any representative of the same or asked forgiveness from victims.

Spanish victims of the fields of concentration ("KL" - Kozentrationslager) Mauthaussen and Sachsenhausen Flossenbürg are  especially represented in this case.

09 July 08 the public prosecutor's Office of the national court issued its opinion favourable to completition and the admission of the lawsuit, which was supported by the Court Central of instruction No. 2, 17 July 08.

This case is possibly one of the last procedures where direct perpetrators of crimes committed in the Nazi concentration camps can be judged that  are, in themselves, an example of impunity that kept many of those responsible for these serious crimes free throughout Europe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open Opposition To Historical Sanitization

The current structural shift of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth necessitates that the president and other sworn officials of the United States have a sworn record of opposition and action against such. It is obvious that this has not happened. Pressure should be applied against the Obama administration with equal protection towards the preceding four presidents.

It is likely that the event will not last towards 2020.

The cover-up and sanitization may endure. This is why I argue that Barack Obama, by his birth age may be entrapped. He being 47 years of age places him in likely prosecution.

Alberto Fujimori has been convicted in Peru of crimes against humanity. This is the first time a democratically elected head of state has been convicted.

This is a notable event for the zeitgeist.

Currently I am attempting to expand.

For networking:

Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Chemical Assault - Human Rights

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fujimori Convicted


Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday for death squad killings and kidnappings .Fujimori had battled the Shining Path insurgency in the 1990s.

Pro-and anti-Fujimori activists fought. Several dozen people chanted "Fujimori killer!" and several hundred chanted "Fujimori innocent!"

The court convicted the 70-year-old former leader of "crimes against humanity," including 25 murders by the military hit squad. None of the victims, the three-judge court found, were connected to any insurgency.

Presiding judge Cesar San Martin said there was no question Fujimori authorized the creation of the Colina unit, which the court said killed at least 50 people as his government battled Shining Path terror with a "parallel terror apparatus" of its own. He sentenced Fujimori to 25 years in prison, only five fewer than the maximum.

"For the first time, the memory of our relatives is dignified in a ruling that says none of the victims were linked to any terrorist group," said Gisela Ortiz, whose brother was killed.

Fujimori, who proclaimed his innocence in a roar when the 15-month televised trial began, barely looked up, uttering only four words-"I move to nullify"-before turning, smiling and walking out of the courtroom at the Lima police base where he has been held and tried since his 2007 extradition from Chile.

His children shook their heads in disgust and groaned in exasperation. Fujimori's daughter Keiko, a 33-year-old congresswoman, called the conviction foreordained and "full of hate and vengeance." She said it would only strengthen her candidacy for the 2011 presidential race.

"Fujimorism will continue to advance. Today we're first in the polls and will continue to be so," she said outside the courtroom. She has vowed to pardon her father if elected.

Although none of the trial's 80 witnesses directly accused Fujimori of ordering killings, kidnappings or disappearances, the court said the former mathematics professor and son of Japanese immigrants bore responsibility by allowing the Colina group to be formed.

It said Fujimori's disgraced intelligence chief and close confidant, Vladimiro Montesinos, was in direct control of the unit.

The verdict appeared to be the first time a country has convicted one of its democratically elected former presidents of human rights violations. In neighboring Chile, dictator Augusto Pinochet avoided trial for health reasons until his death at 91.

Human rights advocates called the verdict historic.


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Friday, April 03, 2009

In Re: Patrick Finucane


Lawyer Patrick Finucane, killed in Belfast in 1989. Copyright RTÉ

1 April 2009

Dear Mr Nollmeyer

Thank you for your correspondence of 31 March to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in connection with the case of Patrick Finucane.   I have been asked to respond on his behalf.

Let me begin by saying that the murder of Mr Finucane  in 1989 was an outrageous crime which the Government condemns absolutely.

You ask the Government to "live up" to "promises to instigate a properly independent public inquiry into the killing of Patrick Finucane."   Our position remains that if there is to be a statutory inquiry into Mr Finucane's death the only way such an inquiry could take place is under the Inquiries Act 2005. The Inquiries Act is the only statutory basis for  all inquiries  because all the old legislation has been repealed.

The Government is clear that the Inquiries Act provides for fully independent and effective inquiries.

The Government has already established three of the public inquiries recommended by Judge Peter Cory . Importantly the judges chairing two of those -the Billy Wright and Robert Hamill inquiries - themselves asked the Government to apply the Inquiries Act because they felt that it would enable them to carry out their work more effectively. They are continuing to carry our robust and effective investigations under the terms of the Act . The Act has is also being used for a number of other inquiries currently taking place elsewhere in the UK.

A Finucane inquiry under the Inquiries Act would have full statutory powers to compel evidence and witnesses and the hearings, in Judge Cory's words, would be public   " to the extent possible " .  The independent Chairman would have full access to all the evidence and would see every witness and read every document.

The Inquiries Act 2005 also requires inquiry reports to be published. This was not the case under the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921, which has now been repealed.

The Government is currently in correspondence with the Finucane family's legal representatives about the basis on which any inquiry would be established.  Once these discussions have included we will need to take a decision on the way forward .

Thank you for raising your concerns I hope this response has helped to address them

Yours sincerely

Simon Marsh

Principal Private Secretary

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Confronting the United States


Haribol Prabhus

I am sending this small memo out to persons who I believe have an interest in Gaudiya Vaishnavism at a legal, historical, and personal level. The United States government is condoning what had historically been localized chemical assaults into what is now a FULL BLOWN SCORCHED EARTH. Since February of 2007 surface water  as large as the Colorado River, Owens River, and Salton Sea in California have been chemically contaminated. This was code named Radhanatha as a poison in the well tactic against an ISKCON diksa guru of this name.

I am an independent ritvik. I have spent over $20,000 on over 26 federal lawsuits against the United States Government, Delaware State Police and ISKCON. The later involves New Raman Reti. I have signed a release against those parties which  I will  honor.

The most pressing issue is the chemical assault. New Raman Reti was desecrated. The concrete factual basis of what chemical exposure will do to the evolutionary biology of human and other species is imperative an may dictate the outcome. I am a conspiracy theorist. I will totally posit the pump and dump recession we are in is a prisoner's dilemma mechanism of the United Kingdom. In The Bhagavad Gita Drupadi was married into several brothers on the side of Arjuna in the Pandavas. This practice is to conserve property in the family.

A tactic of marginalization of equity creates class stratification and holds down individuals and firms with low equity. Hence if one had 100 million dollars and a competitor had 10 million dollars in the impure economy, it is a probability that the first party would consider spending 20 million dollars to eliminate the competitor. One would consider why not just buy out that party if there is benefit.

There is Malthusian Autarky consideration that borders on a fascist pre-genocidal tendency. It is more closer to the mentality of criminal drug dealers or perhaps Saddam Hussein's sons who will fight to the end rather than turn themselves in.

I have legally claimed that LAPD is running this Chemical Assault. They are avenging LGBTi history.

As stated I am ritivik and supporting Proposition 8 in California and have blogged against Hridayananda's position. (I have also emailed Hridayananda).

I am asking you for your help regardless of your position. on LGBTi.  If you were connected to New Raman Reti or other ISKCON temples and this event breaks you will likely get subpoenaed.

I am confronting United States officials as strongly as I can.

Hare Krishna

Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA



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