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Enigma Questions


Alan Turing

Enigma Questions


As the Alan Turing Centennial approaches many disturbing events have emerged that cast doubt on the moral, legal, and historical basis of both science and political leadership. The allegation that forms the point of departure is that Cambridge Law School has authored a program named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. As seen this is no more than the core of academics who guide the expansion and specifically the war plans of the United Kingdom.

This program has launched an unrecognized Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth over my natural person and United States Citizenship. This Manifest Function was discernible to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This preemptive attack on his legacy also attacked the United States Constitution and theories of democracy inclusive of the Social Contract Theory.

The attack was designed on a theory of history creating a planned decadence around Ronald Reagan and a renaissance which is Singularity and Artificial Intelligence with the creation of superintelligence. In reality I argue that AI is being developed to historically censor and sanitize this attack.

There are at least four salient features of this watershed event that I am claiming are not subject to falsification under Kuhn – Popper Methodologies. They are:

  • Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the name given by the authorship or proximate cause.

  • The attack is against the human race and civilization. It is based on avenging LGBTi History. The Strategic Plan at this time Same Sex or Gay Marriage. The attack will implicate the United Kingdom, Cambridge University, Scotland Yard, United States, California, and Los Angeles Police Department – LAPD.

  • Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing is an ideology also attributable to the proximate cause and is precursor to Gay Fascism if academics and intellectuals emerge in an apologetic format.

  • Irrationalist Presidents – These are the individuals who have legally assumed terms of office of the United States Presidents and who have subsequently have been blackmailed and extorted.

These presidents to date are:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The implications of the in continuo trajectory posit that this attack is a Crime Against Humanity internationally. It is also designed as treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness (assault kidnapping, and murder are also possible) and mutilation of evidence here in the United States. Hence these are components of a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization.

Three features are also most likely to end the event and/or force legal and historical recognition:

  • Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth

  • Stalking of my person

  • Illegal electronic surveillance which includes pirate radio and television to coordinate the stalkers et al.

Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity is that future date when computational machines overtake humans in skill and ability. At this point in time machine superintelligence will have occurred and Transhumanism will be normative. Superintelligence implies that machines will be able to engineer themselves, write code, make pharmaceuticals, bridges, spacecraft and similar structures.

If superintelligence is to be real, it must also act as a Moral Agent and recognize this Crime Against Humanity. It also must help in the documentation of facts, points of law, assist in the arrest and prosecution to the authorship and all accomplices. Superintelligence must RECOGNIZE PRIMA FACIE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Singularity is predicted for 2046.

Is Singularity and Artificial Intelligence Being Developed to Sanitize History?

The United States, United Nations, or any other sovereign have yet to recognize MOEC. Therefore the censorship and sanitization of 7 billion persons on this earth is a Cultural Singularity. Social Singularity is a concept stating that social media will be instrumental in alleviating social injustices. To date Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ are devoid of anything remotely approaching recognition of this attack and if anything are supporting it.

Obama Is the Singularity Target

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. We are therefore cohort rivals under an unseen father and mother figure. (In Freudian thought this would be Oedipal and Electra respectively). I would argue that all sworn officials in the United States born after 1955 are strong targets for prosecution. To date on April 16, 2012 the Colorado River is contaminated for the third time since February 12, 2007 when Operation Radhanatha began. This tactic encompasses the poisoning of surface water, contamination of canned foods, increased spraying of clothing, and having despoiled products sent into my vicinity.

The Colorado River runs into Mexico and is a source of drinking and agricultural water in both nation-states. This easily classifies as a crime against humanity.

Enigma Questions

Is Singularity a designed cover by a despotic authorship to censor a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program?

This attack on the human life has been operating out of the United States since April 1986 as stalking and June 17, 1987 as a manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth isolating one natural person's (my citizenship) Bill of Right protection by pitting me in a conflict regarding the Sovereign – Citizenship relationship. Hence equal protection and due process in the main have been violated by having a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD escalate the attack against the target Ronald Reagan. This attack has a trajectory through the Irrationalist Presidents to now President Obama.

Why would Singularity, superintelligence, and supercomputers be a cover? There are many real and potential benefits from these technologies.

If a state planner has knowledge of an emergent technology it must seek to master that technology or lose a strategic and competitive advantage to others of it's type.

A good example is nuclear weapons. It appears that the Germans were highly advanced in quantum physics and rocket science. Without the defection of Albert Einstein and Alfred Schrodinger the world we live in today could have been a very different society.

In a thorough environmental analysis an actor has to seek out all the risks for those uncontrollable factors outside one's intent and actions. Here computer science is highly competitive. It appears that the United Kingdom was advancing in computer science and was concerned with the theory that machines would meet and then exceed the skill of humans. If this computer system would act as a superior moral agent it would have the capability of exposing Crimes Against Humanity.
(This statement predisposes that the United Kingdom and all nation-states have some criminal liability).

It appears that the authorship accepted the assumption as fact that at a future date that superintelligence would be possible. Cambridge Law School then designed a preemptive attack that would expose the United States President in a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth blackmail and extortion ring.

In a live experiment it tacitly reveals an institutionalized system of corrupt quid pro quos that implicate heads of state, CEOs, priests and other sworn officials as advancing their careers through defection or illegal deals.

If Cambridge Law School had or still has the capabilities of developing a defection model that can infiltrate the United States and use it's own police agencies to deliver a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth, why not act as a moral agent in the positive for the benefit of society?

It appears that this question lies at the core theme of the Enigma Questions. It appears that the academics are initiated into this clique under blackmail and extortion. They have all received illegal benefits and could be prosecuted. As seen a contest of sorts was in progress between homosexual and heterosexual members. This adversarial system developed a strategy to expose the corruption by attacking the United States.

Herein it appears that the United States Presidents are all involved in Yellow Brick Road quid pro quos.

Why is there a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth?

The allegation is that one or more Gay members who was implicated in the blackmail and extortion realized that his criminal actions would result in his classification as what we would now call as psychopath. He realized that his genetics were operating and that this trait was inherited. Once he decided to retaliate with Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs, the other individuals in the ring had to follow.

One has the best chance to hear the totality of the conspiracy of MOEC if they are LGBTi or are near the spraying. As seen LGBTi persons are sprayed less and heterosexuals more. To receive one's quid pro quos one has to be LGBTi in the main or have relatives that. Avenging history by leveling also is another means for scripting deals.

What are other important dimensions and components of MOEC?

MOEC is convergent totalitarianism in the trajectory of history. It is also live human experimentation or fitness training. Epistemologically speaking one's sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are attacked by Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth, stalking, and electronic surveillance. The individual has to respond and adapt to what is Torture and Cruel and Unusual Treatment.

This is important in developing a Theory of Knowledge for Technological Singularity. To date no major scientist who is within the Singularity Movement has addressed this watershed event.

The ideology of Gay Irrational – Gay Know Nothing is designed as a counter culture than inverts all know truth or moral systems. Similar to other Irrationalist Movements as the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan there is very little rational argument from laws or principles to consequent events. The Gay Militia in LAPD are provocateurs who only pose as being knowledgeable in philosophy, business, and science.

If one challenges these officers they usually respond by a diametrical contrarian position. If one is 51 percent correct the highest accuracy rate for their position is 49 percent. In this manner a reasonably competent person may defeat these officers daily with regularity.

The Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing stage at present uses this platform of defeat by these officers to proclaim a War.

This ideology is an academically designed reaction formation designed to break APA (psychiatry) and legal standards of mens rea and actus rea or criminal intent and act.

The Gay Militia is a Joe Virus or analogous to using an army of bot computers to attack a server. At this point in time this Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing represents the bottom 10 percent of the population. The Gang Stalkers are the symbolic representation of this ideology.

As per Technological Singularity this antisocial culture justifies No Human Touch Agriculture and Manufacturing. Hence replace humans with automation. The workplace is a setting of intense stalking and harassment. This will damage Corporate History.

Historically this will be difficult for LGBTi academics et al to teach their history and movement.

MOEC and the manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth are an artificially designed archetype introduced in the cultural psychology of the human race.

On April 26, 2012, Charles Taylor was convicted of Crimes Against Humanity for actions carried out in Sierra Leone for blood diamonds to fund fighters in the Liberian Civil War 1989 – 96 that killed 200,000. This trial was carried out by the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Is this similar to what could happen to Barack Obama and Cambridge University, United Kingdom?

This prosecution is the first success of it's type since the Nuremberg Trials of WWII. Charles Taylor was the sitting president of Liberia. It is unlikely in my opinion if Obama or other sworn officials in the United States would face an international tribunal. However I do believe that the United States will claim Original Jurisdiction and prosecute it's officials and citizens here.

Regarding sworn officials and citizens of the United Kingdom, this could be possible as the UK has ratified more treaties under the Universal System.

As seen President Barack Obama is and the past four Irrationalist Presidents have their lives and posterity only secured by a defection model which is designed to expose such. One reason that I am working under a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is there would be a prima facie criminal prosecution on high sworn officials of the United States.

An implication of this structure is having one super power appears integral to maintaining world stability.

Will everyone who is a principal, accomplice, and accessory be named?

This morally and legally should occur. At present the Gay Militia is obsessed with censorship and sanitization. This event has already created the largest red herring – strawman know in my opinion. This total alienation would not have occurred if I were a MSM or a Male Who Has Sex With Males. Hence I am a heterosexual. Two simultaneous eternities cannot coexist. The United States Constitution and United Nations Declaration of Human Rights are perpetual associations that can only by changed by themselves.

All criminal actors should be named. The latent unseen actors are LAPD officers and Cambridge University figures as well as Scotland Yard. Many localities in the United States, most recently Blythe, Salton Sea, Inyo County, Siskiyou County, and Lassen County all in California, have high private populations who I argue are guilty of treason, obstructing, justice, and intimidation of a witness. Why would these so-called private citizens be working for quid pro quos for a Gay Militia in LAPD whom is openly baiting such with deals to sustain the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

If scientific determinism is true, then would not the gene for creating or being an accessory to treason, Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth, and Crimes Against Humanity be in the criminal's genome?

If hard determinism is true this would be rational. However one has to consider that a antecedent from the environment may be needed to trigger the genetics. To date a chemical stimulus is taught as the antecedent on a gene loci to create evolution. Hence a chemical in the water would create different lateral lines on fish or a stripe on a bird wing.

As seen this supports the allegation of human experimentation and cruel and unusual treatment.

Why won't President Barack Obama or the United States recognize a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth attack in the their country?

It is prima facie that these actors have something to hide. There are three executive branches, President, Congress, Supreme Court and Obama's Administration that all appear to have incredible liability in both criminal and civil dimensions. My strongest arguments is that these parties have promoted their careers through rigging the outcome through a defection model. This economic activity is what in part drives the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth. Hence offer an individual a career job and in return Chemically Assault his property and natural person.

What are other unique enigmatic features of this event?

If one accepts a career track or a marriage, obesity is usually required to maintain this defection pattern. Currently I weigh about 153 lbs at 5 foot 10.5 inches. I will move down to 150 lbs. This keeps my Body Mass Index or BMI well below 25 which is normal. 30 is obese. Many persons at my height and weight are easily 230 lbs. The allegation is jobs, marriages, and houses are the reason through a Yellow Brick Road for a pattern maintenance of defection and obesity.

So there is a staged conflict between Homosexuality (LGBTi – Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual -intersex) and Heterosexuality (Opposite Sex)?

The attack on my person is argued to not have occurred if I had performed activity as three anal sex intercourses with a male. Hence this is a sexual qualification for primary rights. This is a component of Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing which is the ideology that is a precursor to Gay Fascism. Hence this era is easily the Know Nothing bottom ten percent of a history archetype in development.


MOEC is state planning in an eugenic format. The scripting of one's life is arranged from family genealogies and is inherited. The planning is recorded and is handed off to cells of LGBTi mostly MSM police officers who are also kept in pattern maintenance by blackmail and extortion.

An interesting externality to MOEC is that the criminal discovery will lead back to the treatment and work of Alan Turing. As I am working under extreme duress. My work reflects in part the condition of my environment.

Two main issues emerge: they are volition and and selective attention. Hence if AI is to be developed would superintelligence recognize an event as MOEC? There is prima facie evidence as the Cultural Singularity of 7 billion persons that the Singularity Movement is a Trojan horse. Focusing on only the positive effects of a hypothetical AI neglects the fact that none of the current scientists or organizations discussing Technological Singularity have recognized the attack on my person. That is why these Enigma Questions which are simply a point of departure for further inquiry cast doubt on the credibility of these actors.

Here it appears that totalitarianism is developed to protect a class order. There is a distinct creation of a Joe Virus attack of the bottom ten percent of the population attacking the rest of the population this is especially true of the upper ten percent. This bottom ten percent of the culture are the scapegoats and the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth has force me to work in areas that are usually small towns and rural. The Strategic Mission of the Gay Militia is Gay or Same Sex Marriage. It is interesting to not that many areas as Westwood Lassen County and McCloud in Siskiyou County defeated Gay Marriage by over a 60 to 40 percent margin.

This reinforcing the trend for employers to opt for automation in a no human touch format for many job sectors. The Gang Stalkers working with the Gay Militia are also targets for elimination in the work force.

In Northern California there appears to be a strong correlation between Gang Stalking, foreclosure and bankruptcy.

The use of electronic surveillance and mutual aid violations recruits stalkers with promises of Gay Marriages in this instance with bisexual females. This is actually a divorce program. I am presenting a case for Crimes Against Humanity and the Treason against the United States. I would argue you should oppose 90 percent of the populations.

Alternatively Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris are LGBTi Hall of Fame performers who will be implicated for de facto and negligent activities with Barack Obama. Since they are both less than 50 years of age these criminal actors in California damage these sworn officials severely as well as their own posterity for stalking.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Open Letter–John McCain R- AZ

Dear Senator McCain,


As the end of both your arc of lifespan and career approach, it is conspicuous that as a decorated War Hero who usually argues strongly on National Security you have not exposed or lead a counter to the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program that is in continuo from June 17, 1987.

In the main this is a Crime Against Humanity writ large and Treason against the United States. Arizona has been the jurisdiction form much of this activity.

The Colorado River is currently despoiled at Ehrenberg AZ – Blythe CA.

As seen this activity radiates from LAPD from cell(s) of a Gay Militia that are Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing. They are racist and nativistic persons who are deeply entangled in a blackmail and extortion ring.

They are a Joe Virus. Hence similar to a bot virus that attacks a server on computer they are recruiting here along racial and LGBTi lines first to form a network of traitors and informants that would shock the conscience. Recruiting treason is cheaply done even if the parties know in advance that the only reason to recruit and offer them remuneration is to attack their health and scorch the earth further down the line. Hence a confirmation of the Know Nothing label in nexus with natvisim.

Hence as a moral duty I believe it is my obligation to confront these actors as they have alienated my Bill of Right protections due to the fact that I am a heterosexual male.

This is to state that the Courts are obstructed due to the fact that my identity is heterosexual and I have never engaged in same sex.

Prima facie it appears credible that these actors have OUTED Senator Jon Kyl R – AZ and Sheriff Babea who is running for Congress as a Republican in Arizona.

A salient feature is their use of polymorphous perversity. Hence if an intellectual debate ensues these officers attack with ad hominem with sexual innuendos which is vulgar speech about male to male sexual activity as fellatio, anal sex, male to male masturbation.

This blackmail, extortion, and quid pro quo pattern quickly escalates into stalking where few are arrested by criminal behavior is escalated and institutionalized.

This is in support of a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth clearly supports accusations Crimes of a Depraved Mind.

Gay Males have clearly defined themselves as they only group to fail as policemen.

I am one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell NM.

It appears the development of Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers as IBM's Watson is designed to censor and sanitize Crimes Against Humanity.

As seen Obama is the Singularity Target. It is an a fortiori proposition that the defection model that is obstructing justice for him and sworn officials will breakdown near 2040 five years before Technological Singularity is to occur in 2046.

I have miscalculated the intensity of the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth. Therefore I am will be more assertive in confronting those actors that had legal obligation to protect American citizens and natural persons in the United States.

If the future posterity wishes to discern what has occurred to their health and inheritance they should be told the truth, the culture created the conditions for it's own elimination by being informants and traitors who sold off their rights and became entangled in a blackmail and extortion which retaliated with Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

The great British Gay Mathematician Alan Turing Centennial is occurring next month. There are strong allegations that the proximate cause is Cambridge law School.

There are two components of this event that are prominent the authorship has named the event Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC and they are creators of Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing.

This attack is live human experimentation and threshold training. As a survivor of the Hanoi Hilton you are no stranger to human deprivation and endurance.

I have not drank water unless it was from snow in over five years. I am composing these memos on the cheapest computer equipment available and solar panels which are not cheap.

History is the Final Court. If I do survive I will pursue Barack Obama and any command level authorities and accomplices as Simon Wiesenthal pursued the Nazis.

You should act legally before your career is over.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ – Blythe CA

April 15, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is Artificial Intelligence Being Developed to Sanitize History?


This is a very strong empirical basis to support the allegation that AI or Artificial Intelligence is being developed to sanitize History. To date no scientist or group has recognized the ongoing Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth that is in continuo since June 17, 1987. What is termed the Technological Singularity Movement appears to be totally collusive in the attack on the rule of law and environmental despoliation.

My opinion is that Technological Singularity will be a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium with various concerns Vedic, Christian, Islamic, nationalistic, and corporative all claiming that they have created AI and superintelligence beyond human. I believe there will be an international baseline for supercomputers and topologies to certify that they have certain capabilities.

Hence the values of Vedic and Christian systems are different. To institute a Vedic government the first thing one would do is stop animal slaughter and abortion. Alcohol is not permitted either. Programming these values into the code of a moral agent will place such in opposition to another similar code.

Hence the world of so-called Singularity may be supercomputers competing one against the other above the level of humans but within their own paradigm. Hence what would occur if an Islamist machine programmed with Sharia took an advantage in a paradigm shift in Africa? What would be the Christian response?

The creation of Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing perspective within a Joe Virus attack on the United States is successful in blackmailing and extorting five United States presidents - Reagan - Obama.

This is historical. As the live experimental target of this reverse engineering on Singularity to date on current events I could easily dominate IBM's Watson which has apperception and volition problems which will be problematic for Singularity thinkers.

I do not believe for an instant that Singularity Movement reflects the General Will of any moral system or people writ large.

Everyday these thinkers fail to rise to the challenge of opposing crimes against humanity their volition or will to order fails. They are creating the faulty genetics that are being defeated by psychopathic criminals which are strengthening their genetics and a-socialization of intimidation, blackmail, and extortion.

The contamination of the State of California is not small. I am certain that Barack Obama and his predecessors will be held accountable within the next fifty years.