Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SLO Grand Jury: Unrecognized Abuse

I have prepared a San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury Complaint against Cuesta College and the prostitute that harassed me at one time. I am in INYO COUNTY and the abuse is poor here. I am being Gay baited when I am straight.

I am definetely not part of the drug culture. If anyone would want to support a claim the Marijuana leads to abusive this event will support you. In a biological format one needs only food, clothing, and shelter to survive.

Here in INYO COUNTY there is alow crime and a large sinesemeilla and speed culture. Crime is rising fast. Nevada is very poor. Mammoth is attempting to go world class as a resort. This puts extreme pressure on its issues as housing which create confrontation.

I have contacted Lamba and Amnesty International who have a very large GHBT advocacy. Neither organization has done anything. There is a movement now under multicultural diversity to teach Gay History. Woman are also heavily abusive. Right now here in INYO COUNTY I can talk to persons who are of this orientation that are severe human rights abusers. They have no moral conscience.

I argue from a human species perspective and not from "the group". In reduction homo sapiens is quite capable of facilitating both good and evil. I am not using ethnic nationalism, localisms, class stratification, as pretext for abuse.

Cells of LAPD are running this operation and openly instructing persons to harass persons. INYO COUNTY has only 20,000 and is not the worse place but is abusive.

LAPD is GHBT as is the Baltimore Studio and these door slamming thugs are no more than criminals under censorship. I am based out of INYO County and California and attempting very intensely to get this into court.

I have emailed an extensive file to Homeland Security regarding all aspects of this censored corruption.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Del Norte County Grand Jury

I am currently touching up a complaint to the Del Norte Co. California Grand Jury regarding harassment and character assination.

I am a human rights advocate and have written well over ten Homeland Security Secretaries over the summer of 2005 from College of the Redwoods Del Norte, California.

This area along with Mendocino and Humboldt County are among history's worse. A focus is the scorched earth and the harassment of persons by slamming car doors. Essentially most persons are blackmailed plutocrats or those who are economically motivated. These three counties definitively prove that marijuana is everything but peaceful.

As regards slander I am not gay or bisexual. I do not do any illegal drugs whatsoever or drink alcohol. The issue at hand is Psuedo Meth that is made by cracking Vick’s inhaler’s and harvesting the solute and precipitate which is a brown powder. Some call this peanut butter crank and this takes no skill whatsoever to perform. It appears I am shielding the Baltimore Studio who are the benign hacks in this event.

Kronin is a legitimate surname. It is also the name of a French heavy metal band and a PC game. I am a classical musician. I am not a leather clad biker as LAPD would wish persons here in Inyo County CA to believe. I have done extremely well in college recently. This also bothers the police. I have not listened to popular music since the day this started. Bono is up for a Noble Peace Prize. Dublin Ireland is where the majority of the Kronin’s reside.

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