Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fictitious History

June 17, 2006

This is the nineteenth anniversary of the electronic surveillance and emergence of the scorched earth campaign. This is also Queen’s Day in England, Flag Day in the United States, and the day that Watergate was broken open.

This is quite an event for those into semantics. I am adjacent from Black Butte which is a small I guess volcano or mountain outside of Mt. Shasta California.
This event started in Delaware. The Delaware State Police are in a tailspin after losing more lawsuits and having an officer indicted and resign over allegations of evidence tampering. (All this is covered on the blog and websites).

The Gay community should be more vigilant. They are going to loose big as they attempt to gain legitimacy and ignore this. The most dangerous aspect are those that have a militant orientation. They will get set up as scapegoats.

The Baltimore Studio or The Studio (If you choose to eliminate Aaron who may retire next year) are being propped up but are no more than straw men.

I do not use drugs or alcohol. I am adjacent to the Golden Triangle of marijuana production here in Northern California. The myth of the Grower and the reputation of this industry is both a target and sideshow.

I am suppose to emulate The Studio as they are closet marijuana growers. I am the antithesis of the cannabis culture. On reflection south of here in Placer County 17,000 plants were seized and a rifle. An armed individual escaped the raid.

I have called in a complaint to the Del Norte County Sheriff against head librarian Barbara Schneider of College of the Redwoods. This activity will exhaust at whatever venue within statute of limitations. This will be a showcase for this event at historical, legal and academic level.

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