Monday, July 31, 2006

Open Letter to Larry Cox - Amnesty International

Larry Cox is the new Executive Director of Amnesty International. He was appointed in January of 2006 and therefore has had time acclimate to the fluid and disintegrating condition of human rights.

In this instance there is no reason to criticize AI in general for what they do accomplish; IT IS WHAT THEY BLATANTLY IGNORE WHILE PROCLAIMIMG THAT ONE SHOULD STAND UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE.

Here in the United States, I am writing from Yreka, California, what can easily witness the state of corruption and impunity that has transpired for over 19 years unabated. There has been an open scorched earth campaign manifest with near total complicity from the United States government and the past four presidents.
The internet and blogging indexes as technocrati do not have any mention of this systematic abuse outside of my blogs.

Mr. Cox must address this blatant abuse of direction. AI and its inertia only conditions the behavior of those elements that wish for control and recruit persons from the population to act in a defacto or criminal manner.

The United States is collapsed into a POLISHED INORMANT STATE.

An example is that Israel fights in the interest of the United States against the Nation Of Islam. Hezbollah fights Israel in the interest of Syria. Lebanon is in the structural shift of these forces and bears the damage for being weaker in military capabilities.( According to structural shift theory the most likely place to experience war was Yugoslavia.

So, hence Israel and Syria may clash with Tel Aviv and Damascus on the table or more likely what is left of Beirut.

Is the destiny of Amnesty Interantional only to be an INFORMANT ORGANIZTION ACTING AT THE ORDERS OF POLICE HANDLERS?


Bhakta David Nollmeyer.

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