Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hoax of the Presidency

Currently the 2008 Presidential Primaries are culling prospects heading into Super Tuesday Feburary 5. No candidate can claim any moral, historical, or legal legitmacy in ending abuses here in the United States. Barack Obama attempts to posit himself as the candidate of change without recognising abuses that will cost him in the future. Simlarly John McCain attempts to posit himself as the Homeland Secuirty candidate. Hillary Clinton is attempting to protect her husband Bil Clinton. Mitt Romney has to appeal to fiscal conservatives and evangelicals.
An interesting focus here with Mike Huckabee is the damage to Christianity in the United States and western world.

The average person will have to reconcile with oneself and authorities as to why nothing has been done to end the damages. A sycophant culture will not endure as it attempts to prop up criminals and re-create itself.

The power of the media and talk radio are challenging the participation of the individual under extreme conditions of intimidation. Last night's Republican debate at the Ronals Reagan Library is an isolated bubble in American history. I believe I am about 180 miles from such here in Cambria, CA.

I have stated previously that I do not support any candidates. I would be bettter served by a Christian Surge. I would be least helped by a Hillarly Clinton or John McCain victory. Arizona has a very poor history over the past 20 years. This state will be a battleground for legal justice.

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