Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Systems: From An Approach to Theory


Social Systems Approaches have now emerged to the extent that their unity can lead to a presentation of Systems thinking as a theory which has a model which can be tested for validity and refinement (Anderson and Carter 1999). This emergence from a more interdisciplinary approach focuses the convergence of thought in the social sciences. Considering that this conceptualization has occurred since the last 35 years (1975), and after June 17, 1987, the concerned academics, students, and third parties have to view the implications of the serious Constitutional breakdown in the United States and the Universal System which is run by the United Nations. There is very little doubt that MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization was modeled within Systems. The name is derived from the Book of Moed from the Talmud. Such gives the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth a genuine name which is not subject to labeling from third parties. This will also implicate the president, homeland security secretary, and attorney general of the United States and their equivalents in the United Kingdom.

The universal perspective postulates that Cambridge University lawyers are th Origin and proximate cause sine qua non. This event has been handed off to LAPD in California. Within the United States LAPD holds the distinction of first principal. Hence if by a test the president was removed this event would continue under the direction of LAPD. This test holds true for the homeland secretary and attorney general. At this time President Barack Obama, Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder should be held under scrutiny for ommissive and de facto acts.

A new perspective in which to contrast the rational - irrationalist paradigm is post modernism. The rational model is concerned with order and power. Irrationalism is more concerned with power without order, hence the power itself is illicit. Post modernism stresses that world is constructed socially. The social system is open. It is observed contextually from our location within the social environment. The emphasis is on diversity and the view from below and the less powerful (Scott 1998).

This perspective here by Scott contrast the irrationalism of authoring a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. Hence there still exists a RICO styled extortion and blackmail ring that is destabilizing the homeostasis of this country, and confidence in this nation-state worldwide.

In continuation, it contrasts with the classical moral atomic perspectives of the Vedic varna asrama social system which is headed by a Godhead Krishna (Prabhupada 1974).

It is these tensions of natural persons and the state and it's inverted machinery of torture that are persisting to a hypothetical future goal of Technological Singularity and super intelligence (Kurzweil 2001).

What occurs is that the storyboarding of the crime is constructed with a form of cartography called Aural Cartographic Maps or AUC (Nollmeyer 2002). Here mapping of social territories with various entrapments based on eclectic psychological conditioning tactics unfolds into a system of nodes that is MOEC and the RICO styled enterprise.

Carter has posited that Social Systems Theory is coherent based on four points (Anderson and Carter 1999).

1. It is comprehensive.
2. Such provides suggestive leads.
3. Such provides a common language.
4. Such develops parsimony.

Within a Social Systems Theory the system effects of criminal movers and authorship on society can be observed and tested for fitness. Hence the Homeland Security System of the United States and the Universal System of the United Nations can be seen to be blackmailable and extortable. The mythology of the United States and it's president(s) exists in a fictious history. The forces of fatalism and dependency have erected a Stockholm Syndrome where totalitarianism is converging and embedding itself in the ecology of culture.

Hence this negative feedback continues in loops as the culture reinforces a static paradigm shift. Hence can on argue that a Technological Singularity could exist that would remedy the abuse that is debilitating the Arts and Letters (Jervis R. 1997)?

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