Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Culture Creates the Conditions of It’s Elimination

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Culture Creates the Conditions of its Elimination

A sociological view, which is collective is that culture will create the conditions of its own elimination. If one also incorporates conditioning concepts of behaviorism this will shed light of the static role in open texture that facilitates the content of this blog.

Respondent Conditioning is the normal manner in which one or the many have adapted to objects and stimuli in the environment.

A Conditioned Stimulus is the pairing of a new object with an old response.

Operant Behavior is when the new response is fuly functional or learned.

What is unique in the last two operations is that the last two operations involve a controller presenting an object or stimulus to the individual or culture. Strict behaviorism is a non-cognitive process that does not take into content of thoughts of the mind.

So herein is a design to isolate an individual or a group and create their demise. This is called fatalism and dependency according to Durkheim. If the code enforcement which may be the military or the police are operating according to their subjective interests without regards to the rights of the people, this manner of adaptation to the controllers takes on this dimension transforming the social environment to totalitarianism.

Here the forces of fatalism operate in direct equilibrium to the resiliency of the individuals in the culture to be autonomous.


Human Rights
Homeland Security

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cultures of Failure in Human Rights Abuse

An interesting component in the continuing radiation of systems of human rights abuse is the use of identity. A unique facet of this phenomena includes two locations which refer to themselves as the Emerald Coast. One is the Florida Panhandle and the other is the area of Northern California from Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte, California.

Both areas have extensive histories of as smuggler's coast. The Florida area is rich in actual history and folklore and continues with drug smuggling and possibly alien smuggling. This are is just recovering from Hurricane Dennis. This area is also known as LA or Lower Alabama. It is traditionally Democrat but is conservative and has voted Republican in recent elections.

The Redwoods Coast is a progressive area with Del Norte voting Republican recently. This is the Golden Triangle of Sinsemelia growing. Actually Tennesse is actually larger now for domestic production.

I have lived in Montgomery, Alabama all the way to Chipley, Florida. Alabama has a decent human rights record. Chipley, Florida does not. All the counties in Northen California are equally poor. One would not know such by talking to what are knowns as "locals'.

I personally know the design used to entrap citizens between the head of the civil state and the citizen. In particualarity this would be LAPD attacking me and then myslef attempting to prosecute to the origin.

LAPD uses code names which are illegal for police to use. The Delaware State Police are foils and willing accomplices. The Baltimore Police are de facto as well. The Baltimore Studio are used to mutilate evidence as the gay baiting that has occurred. I have legally argued that LAPD, and the Baltimore Studio ar gay-bisexual.

A member of the the Baltimore Studio named Jim is usually isolated to be my mentor which is a joke at best. I am a formally trained muician with an AA in Fine Arts which means music in this instance. Appealing to a local teen aged audience with no knowledege of music or my backround is ad ignorantum.

If one wished to put their academic, legal, or other professional credentials on the table and do some real reasarch instead of "putting one's hand on their ear, using the phone, being at the restaurant, or the bar", which are other place and non-place territories in Systems Theory one would easily be able to eliminate much hearsay.

Totalitarianism attempts to isolate the indivdual or group ex-communicado from the whole. I have complained from the year 2000 of the increase in attempting to make this a gay versus straigth confrontation. Human rights violattions are formally based on primary laws of citizenship enforced by competent authorites of the secondary law.

Any identity based abuse lead by the Fly or Flies based on The Lord of the Flies is criminal. Impunity based on philosophical phrases as "relativsm" and "assumption" and anything you do show serious signs of cognitive defect and lack of dedication to any field of study.

I do not see any person with a T-84 calculator and being no more than an accompilce to the police will have a viable and sustainable force in legitmacy. Two macro-examples are Sebrinica and Nuevo Laredo. Officials high and low make presentations to the public regarding the prosecution and leadership of war criminals. As in the Tenth Anniversry of Sebrinica an apology for doing nothing is at hand.

In Nuevo Laredo the police are too busy dealing drugs to maintain law and order. The police chief has been replaced as the last two have been assinated. The last one lasted less than one day.

In essence Northern California will reflect the civil rights abusers seen in the black and white film clips on the History Channel. I was told of this well in advance. this being in 1987. People are not autonomous. They take deals from corrupt police and miltary figures. This exists at the international and domestic levels. Identities that are ethnic (religous), national, or localist must be broken to expose what could become instituionalized and then systemaic abuse.

I have a GPA of 3.18 with 145.5 credits. I have a 3.83 over my last 63 credits and am senior in upper division work. I should be contacting schools to apply for gradute school next year not taking instruction and deals from the Flies as academic excellence.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Red Herring: Gay Baiting

Hello All

I am a grassroots human rights advocate and deal with issues from informal like this forum, to federal law suits where you content is sworn under oath and criminal penalty.I have been doing legal work and human rights for over 10 years. Particularly since 2000 elements have been attempting reverse baiting. That is elements of the Gay or alternative community are willing to frame persons as being gay, bisexual, or trangender when the are not. This is what is occuring here in Del Norte County- really the whole state to me.

I have had a professor at College of The Redwoods state that the same thing happened to him when he moved north from Los Gatos to teach in the Redwoods.What is unique is that these rumours appear to have an origin with rogue or unaccountable elements of law enforcement. This pertains to LAPD CA.If you are expierencing this as you work, it is do to the bullying of large PD's over the small and the latter kowtowing. Size counts. They and untrained persons who do not verify the content and sources of thier so-called facts only damage themselevs and any social movement or perspective they are advocating.I have always maintained that alternative issues are valid political rights discourse.

I or anyone else do not deserve maliocus and slanderous baiting do to their viewpoints.I will and continue advocating human rights according to the social conservatism paltform that my faith dictates.Thank you for your consideration.

Once a person has entered into this association, he is forced to be free.
Jean Jacque Rousseau

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In re: Hladini Prabbu

I have taken a detour for this post.

Dear Sirs

I am requetsing that the FBI investigate the alleged murder of seven Hare Krishna Devotees by Prince Johnson in Liberia.

The FBI has jurisdiction over American nationals. If Johnson murdered these persons and they are American citizens. The United States Should prepare extradition papers for Prince Johnson.

Initiated By: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Devotional Name: Hladini devi dasi
Date of Initiation: Detroit 29 March, 1970
Date of Death: September 13, 1990
Age at Death:
Cause of Death: Homicide
Survived By: Mahananda dasa

Memorial by Satyahita das

We knew Hladini devi dasi in 1969 for a year & 1/2 as a dedicated Lord Jaganath pujari & all around enthusiastic devotee. With no other devotee's to attend on one day we went out on Harinama for a couple hours in down town Miami. I greatly appreciated her absorption in, & her enthusiasm for Harinama Sankirtana . Normally our small temple went out 6 days per week performing Harinama street kirtans & BTG distribution for 4 hours. 2 before & 2 hours after a lunch Prasadam & rest period in a local park.

Years later i again saw Hladini devi dasi as a dedicated Lord Jaganath pujari in a slightly remote old house (the first), on a hill in New Vrindavan & when Lord Jaganath became ill Hladini devi dasi took care of & painted all the Lord Jaganath deity sets from New Vrindavan in Pittsburgh & honored only what They were offered. She was in love with Lord Jaganath

Satyahit das

Memorial by Vajresvari dasi

Remembrances by Vajresvari dasi, Hladini Devi dasi's friend

I lived in New Vrindaban from August `72 through October `77. And I visited during the months of August and September, 1979. I can only relate to you a few incidents from my limited memory concerning Hladini Devi dasi. Immediately after Janmastami `72, after Srila Prabhupada finished his stay in NV, (he stayed at the old house at Madhubahn), I was living in a little brahmacharini ashram at Bahulabahn. It included the following devotees: Mothers Hladini, Gomata, Gunyarupini, Shalavati, Kutila, Isani, Sudakari and myself. Also the householders Vijaya and Parayana were around. I remember Hladini was cooking at the time at the old Bahulabahn kitchen in the old house. One time Kirtanananda called her to chastise her for cooking malpuras that came out in the shape of a fish! Later she told me about it and was laughing at herself. She was always able to laugh at herself. I lived at Madhubahn during the time she was also there taking care of big Lord Jagannath. She was, a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. By great I mean, sincere, devoted, and totally in love with Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and Lady Subhadra, but especially Lord Jagannath. In fact she often looked just like she had a lover, she really appeared to be a woman in love, that was how much she loved to take care of Them, and how much mercy They were bestowing on her due to her love and devotion and surrender.

I used to assist Mothers Hladini and Ruparameswari in the kitchen, rolling chapatis. Mother Hladini was reading the Mahabharata and would tell us more each day as we worked in the kitchen. I never saw her cry or even unhappy except for one time, when Kirtanananda asked her to marry. Then she cried, she was so happy just being pujari for Jagannath. But she married Vahna das and became a happy wife, serving her husband and continuing her service to the Jagannath dieties. She found out I could crochet and asked me to crochet chaddars for them. She was so pleased when they were done. I remember her telling me about her experiences doing sankirtan in Chicago. She said that in Chicago you could hear when the cows were weekly slaughtered. Their cries could be heard for miles.

Mostly what I remember about my dear Godsister is her kindness, her being one of the most non judgmental, compassionate, kind and faithful devotee one might find. Her vision and faith in Krsna consciousness: not to worry, not to get hung up on the things the neophyte usually does, and just follow the process, it will work. Even if you don’t feel like it is working, it will work. That was her faith and she inspired me and often relieved me from my anxieties in those days, my first months in Krsna consciousness.

Just being around her was inspiring, strenghening. I consider Mother Hladini my guardian angel. She came to me in a dream about two years ago. When she appeared to me in this dream, I had not been thinking about her for many years. I suppose you can’t write about dreams devotees have had about her after she left her body in a formal memorial honorary. But the dream was such a miracle, because it was as real, hearing her words and seeing her face in my dream, as this computer I am writing at. It was as vivid as being awake. Her face was close to mine and I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. She told me "Your life is wonderful, you have nothing to worry about" at a time when I had been worrying. When I woke up I realized that she had come personally to give me that message. The dream experience is still with me, giving me faith, knowing that not only is Krsna within and without, guiding me, loving me, more than I am able to experience, but undoubtedly the Vaisnavas who are no longer in their bodies, are also remembering us, assisting Srila Prabhupada in this incredible pastime of saving the fallen souls. Krsna, the dearmost friend, is arranging everything as we surrender, so happy that we are trying to go back to Him.

With love and obeisances, Vajresvari dasi
Memorial by Jalakara dasa
The Martyrdom of Hladini © 2000

Hladini devi dasi and her husband Mahananda dasa were initiated in Detroit on 29 March 1970. How she came to be in Monrovia, Liberia at the time of her death is obscure. Because she was aligned with the breakaway Kirtanananda faction at the time of her death she has never been given the recognition she deserved. Now that a general amnesty has long since been granted to the breakaway faction, and indeed as former breakaway members now serve on the GBC, perhaps her story can now be told.

By the time Hladini got to Monrovia, the various factions fighting in Liberia had gotten a reputation for bizarre behavior. They wore strange costumes like wedding gowns, Donald Duck masks, shower caps, or nothing at all. They fought in a drug-induced frenzy. Many of these warriors were children who went into battle carrying teddy bears and baby dolls. Why devotees were there at all is an open question with mysterious overtones. The temple was in the capital, Monrovia, in an area nominally controlled by the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG). The Freeport area, which is about five miles outside Monrovia, was controlled by the troops of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), led by Prince Yormei Johnson. Prince Johnson was a notorious killer who had tortured and killed the former President Samual Doe. The event was filmed on video and the copies sold in the marketplace. Johnson also was known for killing his own men at a faster rate than the enemy.

Now, it so happened that the devotees wanted to do food distribution: there was widespread starvation and two out of every three Liberians had been made homeless. So, they approached Johnson and made a proposal to him which ran something like this: “Since you control the port and all the international food aid that comes to the country passes through your hands, why don’t you give us some of the food? We will distribute that food to the hungry and you will get credit for being a great humanitarian.” The warlord agreed to this proposal and thereafter he diverted supplies of commodity food to the devotees, who then distributed it as prasadam. He even visited the temple and received a Bhagavad Gita as-it-is. Apparently he visited more than once and enjoyed prasadam. But, the warlord’s reputation for insane murder bothered some of the devotees, so one day a Nigerian devotee wrote a letter to Prince Johnson that said, in effect, “You are a great personality, so you should stop conducting yourself in such a demonic manner and stop killing people. This will benefit you and all humanity.” It has been claimed that Hladini was the author of the letter, but that is not true. There were two young brothers who were bhaktas in the temple. It is they who heard Johnson and his troops arrive late in the night of Thursday, 13th September 1990. One of them hid behind the bathtub, the other in a closet. Because they hid, they survived. There was banging on the door, and then a crash. All the devotees were rounded up downstairs. There were seven African men and an African woman, plus Hladini devi dasi, disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Johnson ranted and raged and held up the letter, shaking it. “How dare you send this to me!” he bellowed in his pidgin West African English. Then they pushed the devotees out and shoved them into a waiting vehicle. They were driven over the low bridge that crosses the muddy St Paul River and then the little convoy stopped at a dirty beach by the mouth of the river. At gunpoint, the nine devotees were forced out and herded onto the sand. Johnson announced that only the men would be killed. It may be the women were to be raped and released, or left entirely unmolested. Such things are terribly random in these circumstances, and very hard to predict. But it was then that Hladini had her finest hour and showed bravery greater than any man I have ever known. As Johnson raised his weapon to fire the execution volley, Hladini leapt forward and attacked Johnson with her hands. “How dare you kill devotees of Krishna!” she shouted. But she was a woman, and a beautiful but weak one at that, so her attack had little result but to ensure her own death. All were slain save the African girl, who is no longer an active devotee. They chanted as they were shot down. That was the night of September 13th, or it could have been the early morning hours of September 14th (Indira Ekadasi). The bodies were left on the beach. When the tide came in they were washed out, but as the river is tidal at that point, the bodies were carried back into the town with the tide. The bodies of some of the men could be seen drifting in and out in the St Paul River for days, their dead hands stiff with rigor mortis holding their beads within their beadbags. Hladini’s body also drifted in. Her sari became entangled with the structure of the bridge and remained there for several days, rising and falling with the tide. According to Tribhuvanatha prabhu, who helped investigate this and interviewed one of the brothers, “It freaked out the whole town.” Not content with his work thus far, Prince Johnson continued on his bloody rampage, murdering a total of 29 people that night. In 1996 the interim government of Charles Taylor attempted to arrest him for murder and Johnson precipitated a wave of violent riots. He later went “insane” and is rumored to be in an asylum in Nigeria. The faction he led disintegrated. The next time you are distributing a book and someone insults you, think twice about calling him a demon. Understand what a demon really is, as opposed to the merely misguided or unfortunate. For a chaste woman, given the choice between rape and death, with your students about to be slain in the cruelest manner before your eyes, what do you do? Hladini faced an impossible choice in a doomed, impossible situation. She reacted with integrity and loyalty and without fear and is a credit to her spiritual master. Oh, such a disciple! But she had such a spiritual master! And, we know how Prabhupada admired courage. In short, she passed her test gloriously. Let no one attempt to minimize her. In Lagos, Nigeria the devotees found out about it from Liberian refugees they encountered on sankirtan several months later. One of my Nigerian friends wrote me in London about it.

Mahananda dasa: “She telephoned me from the airport on her way to Africa. I should have told her to stay right there, I’ll get on the next plane and come and get you. I know she would have listened to me. But I didn’t say it. I wish I had. I think about her every day.” In London we wanted to hold a mohotsava feast in honor of the departed devotees, but we didn’t know their names, except for Hladini, so we put it off. It was never held.

Radhanatha Swami: “She sent me a letter from Liberia. She said that all the foreigners had been evacuated and there was no way to leave. There was so much violence and starvation. She said she thought she would probably die there.” This coming September13th 2000 (September 22nd by lunar calculation) will be the tenth remembrance of that sad and glorious event. Will anyone have a mohotsava for her?

Please return by mail. I have no problem with doing this in public.

Thank you for your consideration.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Kronus: First Generation Titan

David is my my first name so we take up the discovery:

David (דָּוִד "Beloved", Standard Hebrew Dávid, Tiberian Hebrew; Arabic داود "Beloved") was one of the most well known kings of ancient Israel, as well as the most-mentioned man in the Hebrew Bible. He was the eighth and youngest son of Jesse, a citizen of Bethlehem.His mother's name is not recorded. Some think she was the Nahash of 2 Samuel 17:25. As to his personal appearance, he is described as red-haired, with beautiful eyes and a fair face (1 Samuel 16:12; 17:42).

He was vouchsafed by God in the Bible that the Israelite and Jewish monarchies would be guaranteed to come from his Davidic line forever. Judaism believes that the Jewish Messiah will be a direct descendant of King David, and Christianity traces the lineage of Jesus back to him.In order to find out who we are, one has to investigate where one's name has origin. Here we discover that the trail leads to the pre-classical pewriod of Greece.

Kronus (of obscure etymology, perhaps related to "horned"), also spelled Cronos or Kronos, is often confused with Chronos/Khronos. Cronus was the leader and (in some myths) the youngest of the first generation of Titans. His mother was Gaia, and his father was Uranus, whom Cronus envied. Uranus hid the youngest children of Gaia, the one-hundred armed giants
(Hecatonchires) and the one-eyed giants, the Cyclopes, in Tartarus so that they would not see the light, rejoicing in this evil doing. This caused pain to Gaia (Tartarus was her bowels), so she created grey flint and shaped a great sickle and gathered together Kronus and his brothers to ask them to obey her. Only Kronus was willing to do the deed, so Gaia gave him the sickle and set him in ambush. Kronus jumped out and lopped off his father's testicles, casting them behind him. From his blood on the Earth came forth the Giganates, Erinyese, and Meliae. From the testicles of Uranus in the sea came forth Aphrodite. For this, Uranus called his sons Titans, meaning "strainers," for they strained and did presumptuously a fearful deed, for which vengeance would come afterwards.

This excerpt leads to a continuity in the development in identity and explains how activities of the tyranny and secret police activities develop their pattern of behavior. The first instance leaves one with a chip on the shoulder. This is not an easy legacy to uphold!

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