Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anglo American History



Al Bhaghdadi


Barack Obama

The confrontation between the United States and the Islamic State reflects the hypocrisy of the actors and cultures that brought us to this confrontation. President Obama reflects a corrupt lineage of five manifest Irrational Presidents Reagan - Obama. Al Bhaghdadi is no more than an operative of Anglo American History than Commandant Klinck on Hogan's Heroes.

America has withstood a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 which is imposed over myself. This has been a Tyranny of the majority. I have not travelled a Yellow Brick Road with this majority which has destroyed much health and  wealth of the American people. America is an informant nation-state as is Islamic State.

These two reactionary powers will fight. American and the British designers will win the manifest territorial battle but the nation is the people. Islamic State will become a diaspora has are the Kurds.

The counter culture in America is LGBTi based. This is an alter ego to Islamic State as Gay Marriage heads to the Supreme Court September 29, 2014 for conferencing.

This cowardly attack will Undermine much of the status quo creating some cracks for the outsiders while maintaining some of the older families.

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