Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dead Man Walking or Natural Born Killers?

Is the species of homo sapiens good? Are we doomed to species faliure or can we learn or socialize our behavior out of our dysfunctions?

The title of this post reflects two older movies that focalize the geographic location of New Mexico but have far wider implications. In Natural Born Killers serial murderers go own rampages and as their signature leave one survivior to tell the tale. One of these such locations was then Arizona highway 666. This is currently near the Greenbelt where wolf re-introduction is occuring.

Dead Man Walking is a movie based on a real life story of advocacy by Sister Helen Prejean the leader of the abolitionist movement of capital punishment in the United States.

My biological name would be David Kronin. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1961. John Denver is the most famous native son, then perhaps space alien creatures that persons invent to help the tourism. The area was an area 51 or a resticted miltary airspace for prototype and other military expirements.

In the ensuing posts I will elaborate a defacto system of Law enforcement composed of:

  1. Primary movers LAPD code named - Dealers
  2. Secondary Movers - Delaware State Police - Baltimore City Police
  3. Agents - The Baltimore Studio

In this nexus I have travelled the breadth of The United States. I will state that the majority of the population are willing informants who have supproted a system of scorched earth. Localisms are no more yhan shields for a system of a Perfect Dictator.

Lombroso a famous criminologist has stated about 80% of the individuals he analysed were criminals.

Photo is Big Pine California