Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Peter Jennings and Media Censorship

The death of ABC anchor Peter Jennings has brought tremendous accolades for this jornalist's work. I will argue that from an accurate historical perpsective that his work was the product of censorship.

If Peter Jennings history as ABC anchor is 22 years running then from June 17, 1987 until his death August 7, 2005 correctly chronicles his absence in reporting the biggest story of his career.

This country through the presidencies of:

Ronald Reagan
George Bush
William Clinton
George Bush III

has endured perhaps the greatest act of censorhip in history. While not in the magnitude of victimization of Hitler or Stalin its lower intensity has resulted in a
a more complete whitewash.

Peter Jennings is being lauded as being an anchor that chose stories against interests of his producers and corporatism. This is fraudulent. Cronyism is what this style of jornalism would be called if such exists outside the United States.

Where is selective attention or aperception being applied? The issue is a scorched earth campaign that has coincided with 200th anniversery of the United States Constitution. The target is David Nollmeyer. In reality it the citizenship of the United States and the dependent population tha has supported:

Baltimore PD
Baltimore Studio
Delaware State Police

in attacking history with impunity and corrupt dealings.

Crescent City CA

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Real History Under Censorship

I am currently writing from Northern California at College of the Redwoods, Crescent City. I do not know of anyone else who has directly written or filed any complaints concerning the Systematic Human Rights abuse here in the United States.

This results in a serious overvaluation based on merit in collective and individual performance. I am constantly and falsely categorized into false sets and groups by LAPD which I have no conscious intent or behavior than would warrant my inclusion into such sets other than scapegoating. This is a class stratification concept.

There are formal rules as laws and informal rules as tradition and localisms. All of these processes can operate on a individual or collective. Homeland Security is coming to dominate the formation of policy from the top down. I have been recently writing Governors and Homeland Security Directors of individual states that have a concrete history in this event. This most likely means that I was a legal resident of that state for at least three months.

Of note is the entrapment is methamphetamine and sex offenders. There is very little doubt now that sentences for these violations are going to escalate. Oregon and Senator Dianne Feinstein have intorduced legislation restricting pseudoephedrine. Governor Bob Riley of Alabama has signed legislation raising some child molestation offenses to a twenty year minimum term.

I have written the Governor of Oregon, Feinstein, and Riley all within the last two weeks. Crescent City is isolated and the culture does not respond that strongly to these issues although they should. They perhaps appear distant and urban.

I am requesting recogniton and implementation of ten percent factor enforcement of serious criminals.

I do not use any drugs whatsoever. The Baltimore Studio, agents that mutilate evidence and populations in areas that I have lived are engaged in such rackeetering events.

I have pursued a path of serious academics. I have a GPA of 3.18 with a 3.8 over my last 63 credits and 149.5 credits overall. I am seriously considering a law career or a PhD. These are not stellar grades for a Doctorate program but exceed the catalog minimums at most institutions.

In this false set theory I am suppossed to lose to the Delaware State Police. The average policeman has an AA degree, about 60 plus credits and most likley less than a GPA of 3.0. Currently a 3.0 is near the average undergarduate GPA.

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