Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Al Gore: A Leader in Convergent Totalitarianism

Nobel Prize for Al Gore: Collusion in Historical Sanitization

David Nollmeyer

The awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to Albert Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), headed by Indian scientist Dr RK Pachauri is collusion in the sanitization of history.

Albert Gore was Vice-President over of one thumping eras in American and World History from 1993 to early 2001. During this tine period I was and still am held under conditions of chemical assault and scorched earth. In 1992 I was living in San Diego, California which is now undergoing fierce Santa Ana winds and catastrophic wildfires.

The air at every night was contaminated with numerous chemicals including acids.
To perpetuate his fictious life as an environmentalist one can not the following from his official website. The text in question is the new offering by Al Gore.

The Assault on Reason

A visionary analysis of how the politics of fear, secrecy, cronyism, and blind faith has combined with the degradation of the public sphere to create an environment dangerously hostile to reason.

Mr. Gore in acknowledging his award stated:

I am deeply honored to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. This award is even more meaningful because I have the honor of sharing it with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- the world's pre-eminent scientific body devoted to improving our understanding of the climate crisis -- a group whose members have worked tirelessly and selflessly for many years. We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.

Below is an example of political theater and the Trojan Horse Syndrome of using environmentalism to front a platform of various issues which are externalities. Should these speakers be regarded as objective authorities free from An Assault On Reason as Gore now claims.

The following small selection is only part of the co-option of environmentalists themselves to weaken living space to totalitarian forces which use externalities like the environment to marginalize or even kill of populations.

Al Gore is truly a leading figure in Convergent Totalitarianism and Fatalism and Dependency rather than world leadership. Concrete history refutes his Academy Award and Nobel Prize. Both The Academy that gives out awards for film and the Nobel Peace Prize should be taken to cast for cowardliness and cronyism, not for advancing Peace.

Global warming and clean air policies

TOM BEARDEN: On the global warming issue, the Vice President has long claimed leadership, going back to his tenure in the US Senate. He led the US delegation to the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil, and supporters say he rescued the 1997 Global Warming Conference in Kyoto, Japan. That conference produced the Kyoto protocols, wherein 150 nations agreed to targets for reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases.

KATIE McGINTY: It is without doubt that his trip to Kyoto at the most critical time in those discussions was the decisive element in forging the final compromise which led to the Kyoto protocol itself, and which led -- for the first time in history -- to a legally-binding regime that would have all of the nations of the world joining hands in a joint effort to turn down the dial, if you will, on the buildup of these climate disrupting pollutants.
TOM BEARDEN: But the administration has yet to submit the protocol to the Senate for ratification because senators have made it clear they will not do so without substantial guarantees of action by other nations. The Heritage Foundation's Antonelli finds a consistent pattern in all this.

ANGELA ANTONELLI: They've not succeeded legislatively, but that then has pushed them to do things administratively; that is, acting on their own authority within the White House to try and move their agenda forward.

The Clinton-Gore administration has basically gone around Congress because they haven't been able to get their legislative agenda through and moved independently to take actions -- whether it be the federal government locking off hundreds of millions of acres of land or other kinds of actions, implementation of the Kyoto protocol and global warming even though the Senate must ratify that. That hasn't been done.

PROTESTERS: Al Gore, corporate whore!

TOM BEARDEN: Even some environmentalists are disappointed with Gore's clean air record. Brent Blackwelder is executive director of Friends of the Earth, a national environmental organization which endorsed Bill Bradley instead of Gore in the presidential primaries.

BRENT BLACKWELDER: One of the reasons the Friends of the Earth Political Action Committee endorsed Bradley was we thought Bradley got far more legislative results than Gore did when he was in office. And one of our major critiques of Gore was that he knew the issues, but he did not legislate and get results.

TOM BEARDEN: But Blackwelder does applaud Gore for going to Kyoto.
BRENT BLACKWELDER: I think Gore gets credit for having been there and gotten that started. And so I think that is a high point for what they did. I think the low point on climate is the failing to actually practice what you preach by not keeping US greenhouse gas emissions down to 1990 levels, instead letting them grow to be 13 percent more by the time we ended the decade.

TOM BEARDEN: The Sierra Club's Carl Pope has a much higher opinion of the administration's clean air record.

CARL POPE: Al Gore's been a real hero on cleaning up air pollution during the last eight years. We have seen phenomenal progress from the Environmental Protection Agency in cleaning up what comes out of our cars, in cleaning up power plants in the Midwest that had gone for 30 years without being regulated, in setting down some standards that will complete the job of cleaning up air quality in the Northeast.

Toxic waste and Superfund sites

TOM BEARDEN: Of all the aspects of the environment that Gore has dealt with, toxic waste may have stirred the most controversy. The Superfund Law, which deals with the cleanup of toxic waste sites, is one of the pivotal and most contested pieces of US environmental legislation.
AL GORE: The subcommittee will come to order.

TOM BEARDEN: The Gore campaign says he played a leading role in creating that law when he called for congressional hearings in 1978 that revealed the illegal dumping of billions of pounds of toxic chemicals. McGinty says he's followed through in the years since.

KATIE McGINTY: We have completed with the vice president's leadership more than three times the number of Superfund cleanups than any of the previous administrations, so the record is very strong. However, the administration has also put on the table time and time again over the last seven years, important new legislation that would update the Superfund program, that would improve it. And at every turn, the majority in the Congress has failed to pass that legislation.

TOM BEARDEN: Angela Antonelli sees the record differently.

ANGELA ANTONELLI: We're doing a terrible job. We need to do better. Most Americans want that. They understand the program is broken. But unfortunately, as has been the case with many other programs, the administration has been unwilling to effectively work with Congress, to craft a bipartisan solution on how to improve the superfund program.

TOM BEARDEN: In his 1992 book "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit", then-Senator Gore said, "we must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civilization," and said, mankind should undertake "wrenching transformation" to save the planet. Such proposals are logical to some, radical to others. The Vice President's environmental rhetoric and his long record will be pivotal for some voters when they consider his candidacy.

GWEN IFILL: We'll have a similar extended look at Governor Bush's record on the environment tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Open Letter to Fred Thompson

Big Pine CA
Dateline 10-10-07

The Republican Debate two days previous that was also the official entry for participation by Fred Thompson only demonstrates the corrupt nature of both International and American political culture.The United States is undergoing catastrophic environmental despoliation. This is most severe in Inyo - Mono Counties of CA, along the AZ - CA border region of the Colorado River, and the entire coast from Oregon to at least Los Angeles.

I am a foil for this breach of Homeland Security which is being carried out by LAPD. This unit is collapsing with a Gay Militia that wishes to isolate and destroy the environment. I am a social conservative who advocates traditional heterosexual marriage. The original target appears to be Ronald Reagan.

Fred Thompson’s appearance contrary to conventional media punditry, reveals that he like the other candidates are consistently abusing power to institutionalize the concrete destruction of natural persons and the environment.For a sworn official Fred Thompson does not appear in the least to be concerned with upholding the Constitution. America has been clamoring for tyranny.

The human rights community and spiritual missions too, are content to be externalizing economic concerns over substantitive moral and economic concerns which are necessities not luxuries.Soon perhaps before it is too late someone or a group may emerge to restore order.

This someone or group is not Fred Thompson or the 2008 Candidates.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Clinton Administration

This is a public domain photo of the Clinton Administration. I am beginning a more direct take the names down approach to Direct Advocacy.

The United States government regardless of who or what party will do whatever they can get away with.

My picture ABOVE is from Flagstaff AZ. I am not really amused. I took the photo myself on a $30.00 toy camera. They work find for the cost and size as long as you are close to the subject.
Yes you may see what few photos there are of me on Facebook or Digg. WYSIWYG.
It is interesting that the most prominent tweeners 1961-64 are dead as John F. Kennedy JR. and Princess Dianna. Roger Clemens and Wynton Marsalis are going strong.
Barack Obama and I are separated by one day by birth.
I was born 8-03-1961 in Roswell NM.
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