Sunday, February 23, 2014

Open Letter: John Boehner

Dear Speaker John Boehner,


When one person loses their Constitutional Rights, the whole does.

The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth imposed over my natural person since June 17, 1987 has escalated through every major domestic and international conflict without Official Recognition by the United States.

The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth site for two Obama Presidential Elections and Inaugurations.
The attack is alleged to have a proximate cause of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. These actors are alleged to have created a Gay Militia in cells in LAPD.

Cambridge has authored Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. They have also socially engineered an ideology Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothings. The Know Nothings were an anti-immigrant movement in the late 1800s aligned with the Republicans.
The creation of the Anglo American Oprichiniki is similar to Russia during Ivan the Terrible, a majority of the population became subservient to such. The spinoff was the creation of the secret police was the creation of the KGB and Russian Mafia.

The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is designed by Prisoner's Dilemma to permit a Gay MSM officer to control this structure. There have been three main leaders in the losing cell:

The Fly

This is an alter ego entrapment framed in Gay Revolution. The motto The Wrong Side of History comes into focus. Gay Marriage is the Strategic Mission.

As seen Dodo could halt the Scorched Earth. This means no contamination of rivers, lakes, an inland seas. There air will be cleaner from persons driving with chemicals in their gas. Products as Coca Cola are contaminated in the factory and sent to my vicinity. Products in all major stores as Wal-Mart are chemically sprayed.
Dodo should be removed from LAPD.

The Fly began the attack against President Ronald Reagan who did not uphold my rights and fled under the line of fire. This permitted The Fly to escalate the attack to where it is now handing such off to Dodo. The two are alleged to be MSM involved.

Hence we have a RICO criminal enterprise with CCE Kingpin statues in play. (Sinaloa chief Chapo Guzman was just arrested. Highway 86 into the Palm Springs area is a major Sinaloa corridor.)

MOEC is a homosexual blackmail, extortion, obstruction of justice, intimidation and TREASON ring.

Order is the rule of law and power binds subject to such. Citizens have right first then a duty to uphold the law and one another's citizenship.

The citizen is created first then the president. There have been five Irrationalist Presidents who are criminally and civilly liable:

Ronald Reagan
George W Bush
William Clinton
George W Bush
Barack Obama

This escalation will define Barack Obama, yourself, Chief Beck of LAPD, Dodo and my person.

The entire world has a right to know what is occurring in the United States. President Obama's calculus has not changed after the use of Chemical Weapons here or in Syria.

Chief Willie Williams of LAPD is by no means innocent. He attempted to force corrupt officers out of LAPD.

The event is Irrationalized by stating that Obama has an Attorney General Exception to permit a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth to attack Americans and destroy the territory.

Similar to the futuristic Clockwork Orange, two police officers with their gang informants BREAK INTO A THEATER. The gangs fight each other on stage until the two police officers can determine whose gang is stronger.

The United States is a nation of informant traitors. Do the people here fight against the Criminals? The fight with them. In Orwell's 1984, a mother drags her kid in front the The Thought Police hoping for a deal as Winston Smith returns home through street stalking.
All those sworn officials born after 1955 have the greatest opportunity of being prosecuted as this pincer attack converges under an unsustainable benefit to cost ratio.

The culture of incompetence and corruption is a Tax on civilization.
This attack is embedded in the LGBTi in-group with Heterosexuality the out-group. The Gay Militia actors attempted to attack Ronald Reagan by alienating my Constitutional Rights and natural person.
The United States wishes to prosper as a RICO Criminal Enterprise which is inept on it's face. The sworn officials are going to profit and they are going to lose by being informants on a Yellow Brick Road.
You are third in succession to the Presidency.

Obama should live into the 2040s. However with electronic surveillance the corrupt will bequeath a Bill of Attainder where they will be blacklisted by Crimes of Blood.

Dodo should be removed from LAPD. All actors as Cambridge should also be identifies whether they are alive or dead.

Thank you consideration.
Bhakta David Nollmeyer
Desert Shores CA

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization