Friday, February 24, 2006

Presidential Press Conferences

Presidential Press Conferences

Since the time of Ronald Reagan the press conference with either the president or his spokesperson has become a mainstay of real-time journalism and history. In counterpoint since June 1987 Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush have consistently never addressed the real domestic deterioration nor have the ever been challenged or exposed by the press.

Since June of 1987, the 200th birthday of the United States Constitution pirate radio and oppressive electronic surveillance have been incorporated into a scorched earth campaign.

This event is code named AKBAR. I have testified in numerous vain civil federal court cases:

To witness Scott Mcllelan answer questions by a captive press is derogatory to anyone attempting to attempt transparent journalism. The President needs the press but the press needs the president.

Citizen Kane it is not. These folks are not agonizing over printing the truth they are handmaidens to SANITIZATION.

I do not wish to be conclusionary but I do not believe this is an end in itself. At what level will more serious events against human occur here in the United States with the press simply worried about how many copies, Arbitron ratings, and ads they can sell.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reflections on Coretta Scott King

On Coretta Scott King

The recent death of Coretta Scott King brings reflection on what most would consider a stellar career in human rights. Before my present ordeal which began in 1986 and became full blown in 1987 I hitchhiked nationwide ill begotten attempting to apply Christian doctrine to “shake the dust of your boots” to inhospitable locations.

This left me off the freeway in Memphis near the motel where Doctor Martin Luther King was assassinated. It was panted a very psychedelic cool lavender. The motel was probably no more than $30 to 40 per night. I had only less than a dollar and was living of apple pies at gas stations.

During the last years of Ronald Reagan when such was campaigning for George H.W. Bush and this Orwellian nightmare had begun I hitchhiked from Santa Monica to Houston to protest Ronald Reagan’s fundraising there. The ACTUP Aids activists were to my right and oil workers were to my left and we awaited the arrival of the President.

During this time or slightly thereafter one of the Hunt brothers and wife landed by helicopter behind us. He came and spoke to me for a few seconds wife in fur and he I believe a tan or light suit, almost Rockefeller Republican.

President Reagan was not amused at the protestors and swiftly debarked from his limousine. He waved his hand fast and I only saw his back.

Later that night while I slept someone attempted to set me on fire. I was sleeping under a small blue tarp and it melted without burning me. I did not press charges. I should have kept the tarp!

Regardless of all this, I decided to hitchhike to Atlanta. It was somewhat cold there unlike Houston. I wanted to attend the Second Martin Luther King Parade. Jesse Jackson was going to be there. I lined up early for the parade and people let me have the best spot right across where The King family and other dignitaries would observe.

Jesse Jackson, Corretta Scott King and family plus Andrew Young were present. Jesse Jackson gave me a very exuberant Miss America wave. Corretta Scott King was someone subdued as there was buzz that she should yield power to her son.

DIRECT ACTION was one of the cornerstones of King’s civil disobedience. This event demonstrates that one has to fend for one’s self in a dignified way. For all of the wisdom and endurance of her husband no off this has been applied to my condition.


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