Friday, March 30, 2012

Open Letter to Arizona AG Horne

Dear Attorney General Horne,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you to complain about the in continuo Chemical Assault – Scorched earth attack that is in continuo in Ehrenberg since about the middle of October 2011. The Colorado River is chemically despoiled as is all the food available for purchase at Flying J truckstop Texaco and EZ Mart.a

The Gang Stalking or laying in wait and intimidating persons by slamming of card doors is run allegedly by a Gay Militia from LAPD.

The events I am discussing are occurring prima facie in Arizona so you as Attorney General are liable for their prosecution.

As seen I have been a lifelong heterosexual male who does not and has never supported Sam Sex Marriage.

This would then establish this act also a Hate Crime by MSM persons and LGBTi person but to the exclusion of heterosexual persons.

The loss of health to these chemical agents is severe. If contamination in the Colorado River is from the Arizona side is occurring the State is liable. It is totally clear that vehicles are gassing the air driving in Arizona.

Your agency website states that you are concerned with protecting the citizens of Arizona. This is very irrational pre-fascist movement that appears concerned with recruiting many persons in the lower ten percent of the population and aiming such at the highest.

The Colorado River first became despoiled in 2007. Since this time over 50,000 persons have also been killed in drug wars in Mexico.

Personally I have miscalculated the debilitating effects of the attack and my age 50.5 years of age. I am in physically better shape that the average person. My BMI is never over 25.

The State of Arizona and your natural person are liable if you do not take efforts to terminate this Hate Crime.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ

March 30, 2012


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Irrationalism In The Consolidation of Power


"Prevention of elite-induced mass violence can operate through both conscious and unconscious responses to punishment. Where leaders engage in some form of rational cost-benefit calculation, the threat of punishment can increase the costs of a policy that is criminal under international law. Leaders may be desperate, erratic, or even psychotic, but incitement to ethnic violence is usually aimed at the acquisition and sustained exercise of power" (Akhavan 2000). This observation clearly necessitates timely adherence to due process. The multilateral community is well adware of bellicose intentions of nation-states actors. Here the post conflict polemics of organizing a regime to discipline genocidal attacks on sovereign populations hinges on theater of elite diplomacy. Hence these despot is able to organize a death squad - bodyguard out of those competent security forces that should have remained loyal to the citizens and rule of law.

So far the indictment and prosecution of head of state actors has been directed at those abuses occurring in Africa and in Serbia. The United States has been given carte blanche while UN bodies and international law thinkers take a blind eye to attacks on civil populations in the United States under the presidential terms of Ronald Reagan - Barack Obama.

Interests under defection through a game theory place power play are creating a New Fascism where "Cambridge is the mind and the United States is the bodyguard".

In this nexus the breadth of the population has responded to very base instincts of survival based on individualism, consequentialism, and hedonism. There is no intellectual opposition to Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, Gang Stalking, and unbridled electronic surveillance to organize the population as criminal informants to act illegally on one another in a circular folly of intimidation, blackmail, and extortion. These actions escalate into the miscalculations of sworn officials who have institutionalized the quid pro quo economics and marriage making - marriage breaking in an unconstitutional duplicit will to power.

Do not lay your treasures across the earth...(Bible).

At this point not only are the major academic systems questionable on leadership as the University of California and the Ivy League but the Republican and Democratic parties are also historically damaged as they are in collusion to protect their actors and interests. There is no rationale system of checks and balances as a de facto purge continues into the 2012 Presidential Elections.

The current leadership appears content to erect barriers to official recognition and reconciliation dumping those obligations to actors who will emerge in the future after they are deceased and they have transferred their wealth to posterity.

The loss of health and tangible wealth are the direct result of a culture that is dependent on fatalistic actors who have usurped the constitution.

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