Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Future Undecided…


Colorado River Valley


Colorado River Ehrenberg AZ

The total absence of official recognition of the forces and elements that have attacked the United States internally through what are considered our homeland security officers read the police will define the culture of the United States easily for the next few centuries. The chemicals themselves are likely to endure in the open environment for at least that long.

How long will this persist in manmade structures and products. Plastic containers seem to be surfaces where these chemicals attach to with rigor. I can leave an area and return and the same containers are still caustic to the touch.

obama - 50th Obama’s 50th Birthday with Michelle

Barack Obama has announced that he will withdraw our active troops from Iraq by years end leaving only 160 soldiers at the embassy.

This will certainly help the deteriorating economy stateside and boost his re-election prospects.

He nor his previous four presidential predecessors have mortgaged the future of this country and the human race by being blackmailed and extorted.

This is prima facie. Those persons who support the Democrats and Republicans can blame yourself in part for strenghtening the hand of the wrongdoer.

The sheer amount of intellectual and academic fraud is a catastrophe for creating and sense of credibility. The so-called cost of an education has spiraled out of control. Textbooks in the USA are $200 each and four your schools and they are sanitized of the real history.

Just as the president has lead a fictious life these academic intellects are dependent on totalitarianism to maintain their output and professional lives.