Saturday, December 15, 2012

Future Strategies

Desert Shores CA
Dateline 12-15-2012

The worst mass murder in United States History occurred in Connecticut on Friday the 14th 2012. At least 27 were killed, 20 children and seven adults at an elementary school in Sandy Hook.

Simarl to Norway, the gunmen chose vulnerable children resulting in a high casualty count. The Norwegian Nobel Prize awarded it's highest honor to Obama only to have this attack occur. Obama accepted the prize while a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth was in continuo. Obama poses himself and wife Michelle as concerned and caring parents while the entire country and parts of the world are in open confrontation with a Gay Militia.

The concrete record of Lundestad and Obama is very poor on family issues.

The Salton Sea is destroyed and the hatred and stalking is poor the LGBTi Movement and others who live by quid pro quos.

The use of undermining the family which is the basic political unit in Western Political Science will in itself expose both Obama and the Nobel Prize's Mythology.