Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Open Letter to Fred Thompson

Big Pine CA
Dateline 10-10-07

The Republican Debate two days previous that was also the official entry for participation by Fred Thompson only demonstrates the corrupt nature of both International and American political culture.The United States is undergoing catastrophic environmental despoliation. This is most severe in Inyo - Mono Counties of CA, along the AZ - CA border region of the Colorado River, and the entire coast from Oregon to at least Los Angeles.

I am a foil for this breach of Homeland Security which is being carried out by LAPD. This unit is collapsing with a Gay Militia that wishes to isolate and destroy the environment. I am a social conservative who advocates traditional heterosexual marriage. The original target appears to be Ronald Reagan.

Fred Thompson’s appearance contrary to conventional media punditry, reveals that he like the other candidates are consistently abusing power to institutionalize the concrete destruction of natural persons and the environment.For a sworn official Fred Thompson does not appear in the least to be concerned with upholding the Constitution. America has been clamoring for tyranny.

The human rights community and spiritual missions too, are content to be externalizing economic concerns over substantitive moral and economic concerns which are necessities not luxuries.Soon perhaps before it is too late someone or a group may emerge to restore order.

This someone or group is not Fred Thompson or the 2008 Candidates.

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