Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is Artificial Intelligence Being Developed to Sanitize History?


This is a very strong empirical basis to support the allegation that AI or Artificial Intelligence is being developed to sanitize History. To date no scientist or group has recognized the ongoing Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth that is in continuo since June 17, 1987. What is termed the Technological Singularity Movement appears to be totally collusive in the attack on the rule of law and environmental despoliation.

My opinion is that Technological Singularity will be a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium with various concerns Vedic, Christian, Islamic, nationalistic, and corporative all claiming that they have created AI and superintelligence beyond human. I believe there will be an international baseline for supercomputers and topologies to certify that they have certain capabilities.

Hence the values of Vedic and Christian systems are different. To institute a Vedic government the first thing one would do is stop animal slaughter and abortion. Alcohol is not permitted either. Programming these values into the code of a moral agent will place such in opposition to another similar code.

Hence the world of so-called Singularity may be supercomputers competing one against the other above the level of humans but within their own paradigm. Hence what would occur if an Islamist machine programmed with Sharia took an advantage in a paradigm shift in Africa? What would be the Christian response?

The creation of Gay Irrationalist - Gay Know Nothing perspective within a Joe Virus attack on the United States is successful in blackmailing and extorting five United States presidents - Reagan - Obama.

This is historical. As the live experimental target of this reverse engineering on Singularity to date on current events I could easily dominate IBM's Watson which has apperception and volition problems which will be problematic for Singularity thinkers.

I do not believe for an instant that Singularity Movement reflects the General Will of any moral system or people writ large.

Everyday these thinkers fail to rise to the challenge of opposing crimes against humanity their volition or will to order fails. They are creating the faulty genetics that are being defeated by psychopathic criminals which are strengthening their genetics and a-socialization of intimidation, blackmail, and extortion.

The contamination of the State of California is not small. I am certain that Barack Obama and his predecessors will be held accountable within the next fifty years.



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