Saturday, August 16, 2014

MOEC Numbers the Kingdom

Westwood California


The LGBTi Gay Marriage is paired with MOEC. Hence as seen if the Gay Militia being run out of LAPD continue their Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth imposed over me, their leadership is ruined by the RICO enterprise. One of the most deadly components of this activity is the Killing Off of Conscience or what is right or wrong.

This is very acute in the areas that have been targeted. As seen the creation of Islamic State also is an alter ego to this activity in Iraq or what was once Biblical Babylon.

The hoax of an attorney general exception or legal machination only supports Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing.

The environment dictating the outcome selects the western America to be lightning rod scapegoat territories in a homosexual blackmail ring based on nativism.

The culture creates the conditions for it's own elimination.

Two Ebola missionaries have been returned to the United States infected. Bushmeat Practice here is also consitent here snd with HIV/AIDS.

This missionaries are returning to a country with a clandestine Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

Nativism has destroyed California and it's environment by a population that the Yellow Brick Road.

How many countries can the United States attack with Electronic Surveillance, Stalking, and Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

What company or business do you work for? What faith do you belong to?

The allegation is that the United States has been a MSM Blackmail Ring that was created in Cambridge Law School and named MOEC.

The lower standard is being set in performance and it should be legally stopped and damages paid.


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